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Tag: pt cocktober surprise

Anthony Weiner’s Dick Explodes All Over Hillary Clinton’s Emails

A Children's Treasury Of Folks Wondering What The Hell Kinda Stunt James Comey's Trying To Pull Here
Classic pulp covers just don't account for women as equal participants in legislative diddling

It Turns Out We Weren’t Kidding About Kevin McCarthy’s Sex Scandal. Huh!

Remember a long, long time ago, when we told you John Boehner was quittin' this here speaker job, probably because SEX SCANDAL? And you were like, Oh, Wonkette, LOLZ, you're so funny, with the jokes, that's why we love...
There are very few pulp novels about Cartagena. Market opportunity!

Terrible Obama Covers Up 25-Year-Old Volunteer Gettin’ It Wet With Prosties

We are apparently supposed to be outraged and scandalized by this new wrinkle on the 2012 Secret Service Sexxytime Scandal: It wasn't just Secret Service agents foolin' around with hookers before Barack Obama's April 2012 trip to Cartagena, Colombia....

Some Weird Guy Says He Got Naked With Christine O’Donnell Once

Who is mackin' on Christine O'Donnell here in this crappy bar somewhere with Philadelphia Eagles posters on the fake paneling? Why is she rocking the "sexy insect" costume? Didn't she know Halloween is for Witches? Well, whatever masturbating happened...

Mark Foley’s Name Will Be Cleared!

A long time ago right before this current presidential campaign began, in 2006, there was a charming middle-aged Florida bachelor congressman named Mark Foley who loved to masturbate while typing dirty messages to the boy-children who served as Congressional...