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It’s been a while since we last checked in on the Washington Post op-ed stable’s elderly “left-center” know-nothing Richard Cohen, the Worst Writer in the World. After a profound month-long streak of weekly 800-word diarrhea baths earlier this year — climaxing with the legendary, “What if Dick Cheney is right?” — Cohen laid low for […]

The worst writer in the world, Washington Post landed gentry spokeswoman Richard Cohen, has met Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards too! “I know John and Elizabeth Edwards — not well, just a bit. I’ve been to their house — the old house, the one in Washington. I had breakfast with them. I found her smart, […]

The worst writer in America, Richard Cohen — that thoughtless, valueless, condescending, sociopathic sexist poster-boy for the vapidity of the Washington Post‘s opinion section — has written such inconsistent snot today that for once, we’re not the only blog making fun of him. He even opened with a smug little “Blogger alert” — “I have […]

Spastic curmudgeonly warmonger Richard Cohen, political columnist for the Washington Post, has noticed a number of things in the news over the course of the last week, and he simply does not care for many of these things. He lists these things, one after another, just like that. You young journalists… you go on and […]

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen is maybe the worst writer on Earth, yes? He has never made a valuable point in his life, and the only reason he still has a job is because, uhh, maybe the Post wants him to sexually harass more of their employees?