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How did you celebrate your New Year, dear readers?! Barack Obama celebrated by signing the National Defense Authorization Act — the exciting “detain all the fishy Americans the government feels like without trial, forever” bill — into law. Obama decided to wait until New Year’s Eve, when America was already halfway through its second six-pack, […]

Judge Frances McIntyre lifted the restraining order preventing Boston Mayor Thomas Menino from gleefully sending in his minions to tear down the Occupy Boston encampment in Dewey Square, although the camp hasn’t yet been raided. Here’s the creepy stand-out line from the judge’s ruling: “Little in the way of expression is outlawed in the United […]

Good news, everyone! Ever since launching major foreign invasions got a little too expensive and pointless (mostly expensive) even for Congress, and Times Are Tough, our nations’ lawmakers have decided to start “focusing on the domestic issues” like everyone keeps asking them to do, ad nauseum. But since it is impossible for Congress to agree […]

America’s favorite existential vacuum the state of Arizona is back in the news this week, just like every week, with some acutely awful new first-of-its-kind state law┬árequiring state prison visitors to pay a $25 “background check fee” in order to be allowed admission to see their loved ones in jail. Oh, hey, we notice that […]