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Bill Kristol’s Dirtiest Fantasy: Watching Mitt Romney Eat Chicken

How is American journalism’s most fearless armchair-warrior, Weekly Standard editor and former New York Times fail dragon Bill Kristol, keeping himself occupied this election? Some may recall his useful role in the last presidential election, which was to recommend to his good friend John McCain the VP selection of Sarah Palin, whom he met during a Weekly Standard cruise one time and enjoyed. But Kristol’s been glum for most of the year, since none of his 10,000 entreaties to Rep. Paul Ryan could convince him to join the presidential race. No Iran wars yet, no fun VPs to recommend, no Paul Ryan to do his bidding: these are the dark days for William Kristol. The best he can offer to the Party these days is a cynical, borderline-gross blog post about how much he wants to watch Mitt Romney eat fast-food chicken. Read more on Bill Kristol’s Dirtiest Fantasy: Watching Mitt Romney Eat Chicken…