pt catfight

Everybody hates Atlas Shrugs 2000 dot typepad dot com hateblogger Pamela Geller’s super-racist subway ads. Everybody except this hero, Pamela Hall, proprietress of the Vigilant Squirrel Brigade dot blogspot dot com, who bravely used her body to shield the super-racist subway ads from a marauding “Islamic supremacist.” Wait, an Islamic supremacist? Yes, according to totally […]

Everyone RELAX because Sarah Palin has officially weighed in on our freedom, and how it has been taken away by the Supreme Court and Obamacare. Here she is on Fox News with Sean Hannity, discussing how all hell will break loose now that we can ALL BUY HEALTH INSURANCE FROM A CORPORATION, oh NOES, it’s […]

Way back in 2006, everybody wondered why newly appointed Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t let Jane Harman run the House Intelligence Committee, since Harman had been its ranking Democrat through the long Republican Reign of Terror. People assumed it was just ladies hatin’ on other ladies, as is their wont, being so hormonal. But maybe it […]