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Mitt Romney vs. Most Black People

Not valid as legal tender for free stuff.
BIG NEWS ALERT FROM JOURNALISM, GUYS! Reports are coming in Fast and Furious that Mitt Romney, over the course of a mere 24 hours, kind of just single-handedly torched to cinders any and all of the minor gains Republicans might have recently made among non-“Heartland” Americans. (Single-handedly torching things to cinders is the Bain way, after all!) The Romney campaign, fresh off a, well, received speech to the annual NAACP convention, is now being accused of sneaking outside blacks in to the event (like you do with Reese’s Pieces and bottom-shelf hooch), in order to fake some kind of groundswell of African-American support. Oh, and then, in one of those quiet rooms he’s so fond of, the candidate himself went shooting off to donors about the impudent and boisterous non-Mitt Romney-approved blacks at the NAACP, who “should vote for the other guy” if they just want free government goodies/health insurance. All the juicy, sexy, newsy details after the jump! Read more on Mitt Romney vs. Most Black People…