pt burn him

Sorry, good Christian Wonkers, but it looks like Idaho biology teacher Tim McDaniel, WHO SAID VAGINA DURING A CLASS ON THE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM, is not going to get fired for his vagina-saying crime spree. Instead he’ll probably just be reprimanded. Can we at least get a stoning up in this bitch? Tim McDaniel is being […]

Buzzfeed has THE SCOOP, because when doesn’t it? According to its “Users Guide to Smoking Pot With Barack Obama” (not afraid to be servicey!) Young Barry Obama was such a villainous smoker of drugs that he made all his Hawaiian Thug Life friends follow satanic rituals in order to partake, like the terrifying “penalties,” “roof […]

How is Barack Hussein NOOBAamA disgracing the Oval Office NOW? He is cold just sitting on Pinterest, swapping recipes for Obama cakes and “pinteresting” (?) dreamy window treatments and the softest pashminas! Why is Obama Pinteresting when gas prices are so high? Shouldn’t Obama be transmitting to his Russian masters instead of gawking at adorable […]