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Huntsman Daughters Interview Romney Bobblehead in Lost Video

Huntsman daughters Abby, Liddy and Mary Anne had a couple of great videos during their dad’s mercurial campaign. They were the only entertaining part — besides, maybe, “Did you hear what I just said?” — of the whole thing. But their best work was never actually released…until now! An ABC News station got a hold of this Romney-bashing video, in which the two non-blondes in the trio don blonde wigs to match their sister Liddy and interview a bobbleheaded version of Mitt Romney on a show they call “Foxes and Friends.” The girls were declared to have “gone rogue” by a campaign insider a couple of months ago, so it’s no wonder this was never officially released. Now it does, happily, take the shine off Huntsman’s already completely unbelievable and dull endorsement of Romney. Read more on Huntsman Daughters Interview Romney Bobblehead in Lost Video…