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Donald Trump Jr. Obviously Inherited His Smarts From His Daddy

Junior has been tweeting conspiracy theories from Alex Jones and Drudge, because he is S-M-R-T!

Gay-Hatin’ Alabama Chief Justice Reckons He Could Use Some Civil Rights Right About Now

Don't you all know Roy Moore is being persecuted by the homosexuals, which is unfair and not at all Christlike?
A little eye-cream could spruce up that side-eye, just saying.

Mean Girl Lindsey Graham: Even Hillary Clinton Could Fix Iran Better Than Stupid Rand Paul

The Confirmed Bachelor Prince Of The Low Country is throwing some MEAN shade at official 2016 presidential loser Rand Paul! Who's smarter than Rand Paul when it comes to keeping Iran from getting nukes, according to Sen. Lindsey Graham?...

Donald Trump Likes Hillz For 2016, If She Lives That Long, Poor Dear

Clownish excrescence Donald Trump went on Larry King's internet-teevee program (yes, such a thing exists) to say that he's pretty sure that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, unless of course she's too old...

Hero Teen Radio Host Demands Obama Defend His Right To Bully Gay Teens

Here is a nice 14-year-old West Virginian preparing to be the next Glenn Beck and/or Pope, by telling his radio listeners for his radio program that homosexuals are "sickening." But not just, like a little sickening, like a sort...

Unteachable Mitt Romney Talks About His Owner Friends In Other Sports

A reporter asked Mitt Romney today where he thought free agent Peyton Manning should play football next season. Ahh, there's a nice birthday softball question for ya! All he had to say was that he's a Patriots fan, so...