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  bad loans ruining america again

D.C. Council Head Quits For Boat-Related Misdeeds

Here is a true fact about city councils everywhere: they are notoriously full of time-servers and small-time crooks! This is because most of the world’s actually politically ambitious and/or competent and/or truly evil people tend to head for state legislatures as their stepping stone to Congress and world domination. City council provides the opportunity for the kind of low-level graft and sleaze that at worst gets you on the front page of your city’s newspaper’s local section, assuming your city newspaper isn’t entirely made up of wire copy and tire ads at this point. Unfortunately for D.C. City Council members, our Founding Fathers were under the impression that our nation’s capital would be some kind of uninhabited American Vatican that shouldn’t be part of any state, which means that the D.C. City Council is kind of like a state legislature (only with lots less power), which means that it’s national news when the president of the D.C. Council quits because he … lied about his income on his application for a boat loan? Oh, come on. Read more on D.C. Council Head Quits For Boat-Related Misdeeds…