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Michele Bachmann’s campaign is running low on cash, which sort of explains the creepy spam letter we received from her today with a nightmarish threat in the subject line claiming that “Donald Trump and I want to call you tonight,” to jointly demand coins from listeners in exchange for some shrill phone sex. SHUDDER. We […]

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee — you know, the lobbying group that secretly writes all of our legislation — recently made headlines when allegations surfaced that Rep. Jane Harman (D-Warblog) had promised to ask the Bush White House to go easy on a couple of AIPAC guys accused of spying. Anyway, this notion that […]

Ha ha John McCain’s new boyfriend is a terrible media whore! Joe the Plumber has successfully converted his 15 milliseconds of fame into a COUNTRY MUSIC RECORDING CONTRACT and a live televised shotgun wedding on November 4th to Sarah Palin’s sixth baby, “Trotsky,” on top of a melting ice floe.

AWKWARD  6:04 pm July 22, 2008

by Jim Newell

MCCAIN VOLUNTEER CALLS MCCAIN A SLAVEDRIVER: This video at CNN is pretty funny, and we’d embed it here if stupid CNN actually had that feature. Now you will have to make an extra click, suckaz. It’s John McCain taking a question from one of his volunteers, a (satirical?) New Yorker who starts gently and proceeds […]