pt another one bites the dust

So unless you do not have the internets or are really really afraid of the gays, you know that yesterday a federal judge struck down Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban. Do you know how much gay marriage throat cramming that makes? It makes so much throat cramming that we cannot even keep track any longer and […]

Who could ever have guessed that superlawyer Larry Klayman, former scourge of the Clinton and Bush White Houses (credit where it’s due, he sued the fuck out of George W. Bush for Dick Cheney’s energy task force meetings, where even the members of the task force were kept secret), and who most recently has been […]

Well, that was fast! Furry sex aficionado Rep. David Wu announced he will resign after the debt crisis negotiations are over (hahaha, so actually he means “never”) because of this sexytime incident with the 18-year-old daughter of his high school classmate that we heard about only a few days ago. Hooray, Congress is down another […]