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  anals of justice

Rupert Murdoch Makes Weird Anal Sex Joke About David Cameron

Unrepentant demon overlord Rupert Murdoch and son are busy promising the British Parliament today that they had no knowledge about any of the hacking going on at News of the World previous to the scandal breaking, a ludicrous suggestion that ranks up there with “9/11 was done by the Jews” for accuracy. But Murdoch did at least admit that he regularly butt penetrates Prime Minister David Cameron. UPDATE: An activist (this guy?) tried to throw a pie at Murdoch during the hearing, which will now be “Britain’s Iraqi shoe-thrower moment” but with pies, because that is the highest form of insult in that country. Read more on Rupert Murdoch Makes Weird Anal Sex Joke About David Cameron…
  anals of justice

Cow Porn Judge Officially Admonished

Ha ha ha we randomly clicked on this LA Times headline thinking, “Alex Kozinski, isn’t she that rich NYT gal with the plastic surgery and the surrogates?” But no, duh, the name should ring a bell because Alex Kozinski is the infamous cow porn judge who shocked America last June with revelations that he kept pubic-hair shaving instructionals and other naughty photos, such as naked ladies painted like cows, on some (whoops!) publicly accessible Web page. Read more on Cow Porn Judge Officially Admonished…