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Trump Idiot At Chili’s Makes America Great Again All Over Black Veteran

A new problem to worry about: Trump-inspired restaurant vigilantes.
Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare Fuel

Rep. Steve King: Who Cares About A Few Massacres When You Have All This Freedom?

Iowa Republican congresscantaloupe Steve King had a few thoughts about Barack Obama's treasonous attack on freedom last week, when the president said the United States is pretty exceptional, and not in the good way, when it comes to mass...

Heritage Foundation: Immigration Reform Will Bankrupt Entire Solar System

Conservative masturbatorium the Heritage Foundation has a shouty new report with "estimates" and "projections" and "racist stereotypes" and linguistically satisfying turns of phrase such as "also probably" that prove immigration will maybe by their esimate cost a trajillion...

What Kind Of Flibbertigibbet Single Lady Hasn’t Already Started Saving For Her ‘Baby Nurse’ Fund?

Did you know that 'Merica is the most bestest country that ever lived? It's true! We are No. 1!!!!!!1! at everything: bankrupting our peoples what don't have health care; losing lots of monies doing war to other countries; and...

Whole Lot of Unions Joining NYC Wall Street Occupation

The hundreds of hardcore Occupy Wall Street protesters are getting a whole bunch of new moral and physical support support starting today, as all kinds of big unions and professional liberal groups finally start showing up. The AP reports: The...