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Conservative masturbatorium the Heritage Foundation has a shouty new report with “estimates” and “projections” and “racist stereotypes” and linguistically satisfying turns of phrase such as “also probably” that prove immigration will maybe by their esimate cost a trajillion dollars. Let us give you an example of their math: If a train leaves Chicago at 5:15pm […]

Did you know that ‘Merica is the most bestest country that ever lived? It’s true! We are No. 1!!!!!!1! at everything: bankrupting our peoples what don’t have health care; losing lots of monies doing war to other countries; and making single-parent families suffer extra hard because something about bootstraps and also we hate socialism. Here’s […]

The hundreds of hardcore Occupy Wall Street protesters are getting a whole bunch of new moral and physical support support starting today, as all kinds of big unions and professional liberal groups finally start showing up. The AP reports: The protests on Wall Street, the fabled center of American commerce, are expected to swell with […]