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Donald Rumsfeld Anally Probed By TSA

Forgotten war criminal Donald Rumsfeld was taking a flight back to one of his mansions for the weekend when he was apprehended and felt up by TSA slobs. This is kind of like Justice, minus the part where Donald Rumsfeld was tortured for sixty-two years and then thrown into the Lake of Fire. Because, of course, there is no actual Justice. How are the new teevee shows this summer? Is there one about baseball, or dragons? How are those? Read more on Donald Rumsfeld Anally Probed By TSA…
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Jesse Ventura Zombie Now Haunting Toy Store

Once upon a time, America gave one of its top fifty states (Minnesota) to a teevee wrestler named Jesse Ventura. Many decades later, a simple New Jersey man met Barack Obama and suddenly started seeing famous people everywhere. And that’s why we are posting this picture of the animated corpse of Jesse Ventura, haunting the 25%-Off sale aisle at the discount toy shop, the end. [Celebrity Magnet] Read more on Jesse Ventura Zombie Now Haunting Toy Store…