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  actual global market collapse

Uhh, Financial Collapse/World Recession II?

We mentioned earlier this morning that there are some troubles in the world economy — and that includes us, in the America part of Earth. Well, uhh, it’s really awful. Remember that 1,000-point drop in the Dow blamed on robots or astrology or whatever? Ha ha well now there’s a 1,000-point drop for real, it just took a few weeks. On April 26, the DJIA was at 11,239. Today, right now, were at 10,212. The S&P and NASDAQ and Nikkei and Oil and the U.S. Dollar and Platinum and even Ron/Rand Paul’s GOLD is down (but just a quarter-percent, compared to nearly 2% this morning on the major U.S. markets). How does this affect “Main Street,” you ask? Main Street is boarded up and closed down. Unemployment is, somehow, even higher now than it was three months ago. Read more on Uhh, Financial Collapse/World Recession II?…