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Rick Santorum Gives Mitt Romney the Oscar For Reading Teleprompter

It’s America’s big night for urban elitists who have seen whatever otherwise unknown movies are nominated for Academy Awards tonight — consider it the Super Bowl for people who only drink box wine ironically, or the big NASCAR race/crash for people who still have most of their own teeth. Oscar (TM) Night is here! If, like us, you don’t really care but still “have people coming over” to “get high” and “eat some bogus recipe made of things we heard about in the New York Times Sunday Styles section, then by all means let’s change the subject to real (terrible) acting. We are talking about Mitt Romney, of course, and Rick Santorum’s blistering new charge that Mittens is reading off a teleprompter when he woodenly reads his prepared remarks that were written months ago by some high-priced communications expert who should really be fired. You know who else reads off a teleprompter? Read more on Rick Santorum Gives Mitt Romney the Oscar For Reading Teleprompter…