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WND: Blacks Lazy, Shiftless, ‘Should Be More Like Jews’

The proper response to the WND story “Blacks Should Be More Like Jews,” by Aliza Davidovit, is “uhhhhh.” It starts with a roll call of successful people of Jewishness, and then explains that they did it by getting up earlier and working harder than everyone else, not by being on food stamps and welfare like some people. But it’s not just welfare queens and young bucks who have ruined a perfectly good black experience in this country, like we used to have in the 1950s: it’s also teachers unions and Barack Obama, who decimated the black middle class by axing all those government jobs! Oh, Davidovit didn’t note that part? Weird! Read more on WND: Blacks Lazy, Shiftless, ‘Should Be More Like Jews’…