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Liveblogging Koch Employee Scott Walker’s Prank Call Non-Apology

Turn on the teevee news! Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is delivering a statement about his long conversation with that guy he thought was David Koch. Interestingly, watchdog group Public Campaign Action Fund is calling for a probe into whether he committed ethics violations in saying what he said to the person he thought was the guy who signs his checks. (All his checks that aren’t signed by the people of Wisconsin, that is.) So is Walker finally going to resign and/or let the workers of Wisconsin have their rights? No, he’s going to endorse Mika Brzezinski’s buttocks and taking a baseball bat to the face of homeless people or whatever, like he did in that prank call. And apologize to his boss David Koch for letting him down. LIVEBLOG! Read more on Liveblogging Koch Employee Scott Walker’s Prank Call Non-Apology…