Libruls really hit the holiday jackpot this week! First, we had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Inauguration Day at the same time, which appropriately coincided with the made-up Fox News holiday, “Sadness Day” (a holiday Olds celebrate by eating burnt pot roast and scowling at Wheel of Fortune). But the fun did not stop […]

President Obama held a fundraiser in San Francisco yesterday, and, would you believe it, some people don’t like the fact that he hasn’t honored his campaign promises! Slow-working security guys failed to wrangle a group of protestors at the $5,000 a plate gig, and they were able to complete a protest song. “That was a […]

According to TPM’s Ryan J. Reilly, a police officer at the scene said this Muslim man shows up at the White House “every couple days” to pray. That was lucky for anti-Sharia protestors who were there and couldn’t find any Muslims to yell at.

How are all these Fox News reporters still alive considering they’re constantly being beaten to a bloody pulp by Wisconsin protestors’ surf boards? Be careful out there, you guys. Wear sunscreen. [YouTube]

Masses of people in Wisconsin have been peacefully protesting for weeks now, because of their governor’s decision to take away worker’s rights for no good reason; not a single protester in Madison haseven been arrested. But that hasn’t stopped Fox News from trying to convict them all. Witness this hilarious report from Fox’s Mike Tobin […]

We all know that 9/11 is the best holiday ever. It’s like Christmas and the Fourth of July and Halloween combined! Dick Cheney is alive right now just because he willed himself to see another 9/11. But according to Politico, who have labeled the situation “awkward,” like a 19-year-old coed, Barack Obama has nowhere to […]

Last week, a “nationally-known pro-life supporter from Washington, D.C.,” Randall Terry, came to Greenville, South Carolina and hanged and beat up effigies of Sen. Lindsey Graham. There is a precious photo gallery of this historical event of lolz, which may prove to be the turning point in our nation’s history. Photo One: Bystanders look on […]