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NRA Wants You To Shoot Protesters, The Media, People Of Color, And Teachers! God Bless.

The evil liberals are coming to get you, better give the NRA some money!

Mitch McConnell IS NOT A Cry Baby! Wonkagenda For Wed., Feb. 22, 2017

Trump starts mass deportations, DAPL protests are down to the wire, and drone-killing eagles! Your morning news brief!

Cops: It’s True, These Republican Congressmen Are GIANT PUSSIES

All the GOP congressmen are terrified of all these little old ladies. The cops? Are laughing their asses off. SAD.

Big Bad Harley Davidson Bikers SO SCARED Of Protesters, Won’t Let Trump Look At Their Hogs

Poor Donald Trump has been given the brushoff by a big burly motorcycle factory, because it doesn't want its name associated with him.

Barack Obama Claims He’s Not A Demon. Which Is Just What He Would Say.

Bet he smells like sex and good Scotch.

Jews For Jesus Really Sassy In Philadelphia Right Now

Some are born dickish, some achieve dickishness, and others have dickishness thrust upon them.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Would Like To Be President Trump’s Secretary Of Dickishness

Less than halfway into his second term, Maine Governor Paul LePage is so over governing his lame state full of lazy drug addicts and loser student protesters. In a town hall in Lewiston Wednesday, he told the crowd he...

Stabby Ben Carson Says Violence Is Sometimes The Answer

Everybody is giving Donald Trump SO MUCH grief right now, just because his supporters are a bunch of violent, "poorly educated" thugs who hate everybody who's smarter and less filled with trans fat and bitterness than they are. But...
A lot of very bad dudes

Donald Trump Rally Comes To Logical Conclusion

Donald Trump's rally in Chicago was cancelled Friday night after hundreds of protesters (probably all personally paid by George Soros, according to Breitbart commenters, who know what's really going on) got into the venue at the University of...

Another Minnesota Cop Can’t Contain His Feelings About Running Protesters Over

So a cop in Minnesota posted something on his Facebook page urging people to run over Black Lives Matters protesters and is now on leave. Wait a second. Didn't we already write about this guy? And didn't he already...
Why's everybody always picking on him? He's a winner!

Dead Breitbart: Why Are All These Black People Forcing Trump Supporters To Kick Their Ass?

Hey, you know how Donald Trump's rally in Las Vegas Monday was disrupted by a number of liberal protesters, and Trump supporters went Full Brownshirt on them, yelling unpleasant things like "Kick his ass!" "Shoot him!" or "Light the...
Il Duce and Ol' Douchey

Trump’s Las Vegas Rally Sounded A Lot Better In The Original German

Trump's campaign rally in Las Vegas Monday night moved a lot closer to the Platonic Ideal of a Trump Rally, with several protesters being hauled out by security as the crowd called for blood. One Trumptrooper even let the...
New county clerk much nicer than the last.

It’s A Nice Day To Kentucky Marry Your Gay Homosexual Lover!

Yr Wonkette loves stories with happy endings, and yr Wonkette loves getting married! You know that thing that Editrix Becca did, when she Montana-married her heterosexual lover? Well, due to how SOMEBODY is currently doing a little jail time...
The other chyron for the story: 'Street Justice: Police officers shot in wake of DOJ Report'

Fox News: Eric Holder Really Should NOT Have Shot Those Cops In Ferguson!

While two police officers were still hospitalized after being shot in Ferguson, Missouri, early Thursday morning (they have since been released), and police have no suspects, Fox News and other rightwing sources have identified the true culprits: Attorney General...

Eric Holder Will Save Captain Ron’s Marriage So He Can Keep Saving Ferguson

Attorney General Eric Holder spent Wednesday checking on the progress of Barack Obama's tyrannical federal takeover of Missouri, and while he was there, he had what we assume is a totally coincidental path-crossing with Ron Johnson, captain of the State Highway Patrol and Guy Who's...