Don’t you just HATE how abortion clinics are like catnip for violent, dangerous “pro-lifers” who like to threaten and stalk and harass and terrorize — and, oh yeah, sometimes bomb and murder — doctors and their patients? Boy, those violent, dangerous “pro-lifers” sure do! That’s why they’re trying to shut down the abortion clinic in […]

OC Weekly — where one of your Wonkettes may have spent a cool dozen years of her benighted life — has what appears to be the smoking Molotov in the recent Anaheim Unpleasantness. Through a series of still photos and videos, they seem to have got the goods on a nice lady who went from […]

Undead goblin king Dick Cheney dedicated his thousand year shadow reign of darkness to murdering and torturing the people of Iraq in order to make Dick Cheney feel safer, but it turns out he may have picked the wrong country. Dick Cheney now wishes he had bombed Canada, the only nation with citizens wicked enough […]

Hippies, or should we say “people affected and insulted by the total lack of accountability in the global economic system following its collapse a few years ago,” were all excited about the upcoming G8 Summit of first-world leaders set to take place in Chicago this May. What a great opportunity to yell at terrible people, […]

This is a very inane video and we do not generally like to reward insipid topics like “interviews with Newt Gingrich” with more viewz, but this one is fun because it includes Newt having a giggle at Meghan McCain’s constant ridiculousness. Finally, a single theme that can bring America back together again! Who even cares […]

Last week the smug oddballs at the Chicago Board of Trade were dumping cryptic leaflets on the Occupy Chicago protesters mysteriously proclaiming with all the rhetorical precision of Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed to be the “1% paying for this.” But one turd floating in the swimming pool is never enough, right?, so our anonymous chicken […]

Jesus H. Christ. First it’s a lot of BANG BANG BANG and screaming as tear gas fills the air followed by GRAPHIC (there, you’re warned if you’re at work) footage of former Marine Scott Olsen from Veterans for Peace being carried away by fellow protesters with blood covering his head after being hit in the […]

OH, THAT’S KIND OF WEIRD: President Obama will make a fancy announcement about some sort of Official Plan to help the college edjumucated young’uns shed a few less tears when they receive their mammoth monthly student loan bill statements, just now, today, for some reason! Oh right, the kids are angry these days. Obama’s mollification […]

The wheezy little shadow humans hovering around in the dank caves over at Rupert Murdoch’s terror pamphlet the New York Post sureĀ are devoting an awful lot of comical reporting to the fabrication of elaborate Jesusween bedtime stories about the Occupy Wall Street protesters. It’s like they’re kind of (very) worried or something! The latest strenuous […]

We hope that overgrown Orangesicle John Boehner enjoyed the joyful noises of a group of chanting protesters who showed up to his golf tournament in the Republican fortress of Orange County, California, since this is probably something John Boehner had hoped to avoid when he left Washington for a few days. Funny, isn’t it, how […]

Masses of people in Wisconsin have been peacefully protesting for weeks now, because of their governor’s decision to take away worker’s rights for no good reason; not a single protester in Madison haseven been arrested. But that hasn’t stopped Fox News from trying to convict them all. Witness this hilarious report from Fox’s Mike Tobin […]

OKAY NOW THE ACTION IS HAPPENING. Tony Hayward just took his Oath of Grillin’ and some lady is cold going nuts, yelling and screaming, oil all over her head, five or six Capitol police dragging her out. Tony just sitting there, trying not to look behind him. Oh jesus what a circus, welcome to America! […]

Wonkette zombie sex operative “Karen N.” of Iowa City, Iowa, sends us this filthy picture she took yesterday — “Sorry for sending you this eye candy a little late. We were drinking.” — during Obama’s “We passed health care but here’s a rally anyway” thing. This fellow wants to know what Obama did with his […]

Say, which two flavors of protesters are so devoted to their causes that they’ve chased Obama all the way to his terrifying pineapple tundra, Hawaii, in the middle of this brutal winter? (Nope, no PUMAs — TSA still has of its shit together enough to crash that party.) On one side of the street you’ll […]

  We’ve been waiting to write a headline like that for years! People are now EATING EACH OTHERS’ DIGITS over health care reform and other pieces of legislation and whatever that none of them probably understand.