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Mo Brooks’s Prostate Knows What It Did

We are very glad Rep. Mo Brooks has such good insurance. Now we'd like it for everyone, please.

Dear Republican Men: I Am So, SO Happy To Pay For Insurance That Covers Your Prostate Exams

All those men laughing about paying for mammograms? Yeah, this is for you.

Your Senate Sunday: Oregon’s Ron Wyden Probably Not In Much Danger From ‘Blah Blah Blah’ Dude

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden probably won't have to worry about losing his seat to a perennial Oregon candidate who's most famous for storming out of a candidate forum.

Colin Powell Just The Godless Kenyan Muslin Nazi Marxist Socialist General You Always Thought He Was

As if there were any question that Colin Powell was a RINO, which is to say, a liberal, which is to say a Godless Communist who should be deported, the former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint...

Get Well Soon, Jerry Brown!

ABC News reports that California Governor Jerry Brown is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, OH NO! News of Governor Brown's illness came courtesy of an ABC News alert right to our inbox (VIP Y'ALL), and was under stories about...

Senator Dodd Has The Cancer

We will tread lightly here, lest we fall beneath the Malignant Eye of Denby, but: Christopher Dodd has early stage prostate cancer. The good news: if you had to have your pick of cancers, "early stage prostate" would probably...