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Is magical disappearing ink also a form of hacking?

So You Want To Mommyblog At Yr Wonkette

Greetings Earthlings! You are a person with an asshole and an opinion, and you would like to write for yr Wonkette! This is how you do it. DON'T ... send a letter to kaili at wonkette dot com that says "I...

YOUR WONKETTE PRIMETIME SCHEDULE: Sure, what the hell, we'll liveblog this terrible 9/11 Forum tonight with Obama and McCain. Come back here at 8 p.m. ET if you too have a bizarre aversion to happiness.

Olbermann and Matthews’ Reign Of Terror At MSNBC Finally Over

Due to not watching much teevee your Wonkette editors were generally spared the spectacular series of meltdowns Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann enjoyed during the conventions, but we understand it was pretty nuts: catty hand gestures and bickering like...