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Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Actually Tinier Than His Sad Little Peener

The Looter Administration continues in its mission to fuck America over.

A Little Preview Of How Trump Gonna Hand Our Infrastructure $$$ To His Golfing Pals

You mean 'public-private partnerships' don't save big big money? Imagine that!
Good For Your Business

Whole Foods’ Gamble: Will In-Store Tattoo Parlors Attract Enough Insufferable Millennials?

Another week and another chance to celebrate the accomplishments and examine the needless suffering of our favorite Corporate Persons. Thanks for fighting our stupid wars, millennials. Here's another tattoo parlor Are you interested in a tattoo like some common Rock and...

Burger King Tries To Buy A Canadian Coffee Store For Fun And Profit

This weekend, Burger King announced that it was negotiating to buy Canadian coffee-and-donut shop Tim Horton's. Tim Horton's says it wants to merge because of the "potential to leverage Burger King’s worldwide footprint," while Burger King says it wants to...

‘The Atlantic’ Finds Hostess’s Real Victims: Private Equity Guys Who Will Probably Lose Their Investment

Now that the Hostess closure has begun to affect all of us, Jordan Weissman of The Atlantic will discuss what's really important here, namely: whose fault it is. And duh, of course it was not the Bain-style "private equity"...

Matt Taibbi Explains Why You Should Hate Mitt Romney Even More Than You May Have Hated Him Yesterday

Hello, Matt Taibbi, how are you making us hate Mitt Romney even more today than we did, say, yesterday (which is saying a lot since we had to sit through his forty minute speech about himself yesterday and also...