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Tag: print journalism

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Thinks It Would Be Fun To Run A ‘News-Paper’

Well, THAT kind of came out of nowhere; there was some stuff on Twitter about all WaPo staff being summoned to the auditorium, and then suddenly we get the announcement that Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos went and bought the...

Wonkette Games: Mark Sanford In Newsweek, Or High School Ayn Rand Essay Winner?

Mark Sanford reviewed Ayn Rand (like as a human?) for Newsweek. This is a thing that happened! Anyway, Mark Sanford really did not think this whole thing out, publishing his close reading masterwork in Newsweek, as this essay has...

Ann Coulter Speaks!

Wow, this gal is a quick healer! Less than a month ago her jaw was wired shut, and here she is talking again. She says it's good that newspapers are going bankrupt, because this is how competition works in...

McCain Is Laziest Ad Maker Ever