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Tag: princesses

They're only being mean because they're jealous.

Dear White People: You’re Going To LOVE Disney’s New White ‘African’ Princess

MOVE OVER, Elsa The Frozen Bitch Princess From Hell, there's a new Disney lady princess in town, and she seems great. She's based on the true story of Jeremiah Heaton, a Virginia father whose daughter Emily just wanted to...

Here Are Some Additional Disney Princesses For Fox News To Worry About

It’s awfully nice of Fox News to take a break from bashing the socialist tyranny of Michelle Obama’s insistence that children try eating the occasional carrot and getting some exercise, so that Fox News can worry that a petition...

Man-Hating Ball-Buster Sonia Sotomayor Teams With Sesame Street To Indoctrinate Your Princess

You may go elsewhere to read about Elmo maybe raping your children, because Sonia Sotomayor raping traditional gender roles is the only Sesame Street story your Wonkette will be covering this fine Veterans Day. So let's get right to...