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Press Corps Furious At Obama For Not Offering Bland Comment On Special Election While Meeting Mexican President

Our sterling Washington press corps' second-favorite thing to write about, trailing only "their own upcoming books," is that Obama will not talk to them all the time and entertain every one of their useless spin-ready leading questions. The New...

Obama Boots More Journalist Enemies Off Plane

What a sore winner this guy is! The only three newspapers in the country to endorse John McCain -- the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News -- have all been given the heave-ho from Barack Obama's...

Obama Press Corps Hilariously Fooled During Secret Meeting

How did Hillary Clinton, who's been locked in her Washington home on a barbiturate bender for the last 48 hours with the press clamoring at the gates, and Barack Obama, who commands an even larger, consolidated national press corps...

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