South Carolina’s embarrassing Argentine love-tango scandal may have made its governor look bad, but two parties have emerged from this sad nightmare smelling like little roses: Jenny Sanford, and The State newspaper. Yesterday the paper released a pack of hilariously sycophantic requests from various media outlets to Governor Sanford’s office suggesting that — !!! — […]

It turns out that your Jake Tappers and Chuck Todds are in the minority when it comes to White House correspondents. Upwards of 98 percent of the people attending the White House’s daily press briefings are nutballs who don’t even write for news organizations and love to steal Politico‘s chair. These insane people just like […]

PHUNNY PRANKS  5:23 pm March 9, 2009

by Jim Newell

HERE’S A FUN PRESS CORPS GAME CALLED “STEAL POLITICO’S SEAT!” We rather like the anecdotes in this FiveThirtyEight post about how oppressed bloggers are always trying to steal Politico‘s seat at White House press briefings, only to be caught minutes later by confused Politico reporters. This could be a fun daily game! So we ask […]

Here’s America’s favorite traveling Bob Saget impersonator, ABC News’ Jake Tapper, sort of… yeah… destroying Robert Gibbs with relative ease. Gibbs ends Tapper’s time by ignoring his question, ha. Was “Gibbsy” really the best choice for this job, hmm? Guess we won’t be seeing these two together at the Hawk ‘n’ Dove anymore. [YouTube]

There are many video versions of this scene floating around tonight, as Barack Obama actually walked through this subterranean hell bunker to talk to these White House press reporters and photographers and videographers. It’s a happy scene of serfs worshiping their Lord of the Manor, and nobody really notices that twerp from Politico whining about […]

Ha ha, we said we’d liveblog this thing but what if the cable news networks don’t even cover sad old George Bush’s last press conference in his whole life? That would surely be embarrassing, for your Wonkette but most particularly for the President. Well, let’s sit tight and fix ourselves some Bailey’s and coffee before […]

This guy! Presumption Watch etc! Barack Obama has been holding press conferences pretty much nonstop since he was elected, what, 40 million years ago, and since then he has just blah blah blahed all over the press because he didn’t get enough love in his childhood. That is the only reasonable conclusion you can make […]

Ha ha, Robert Gibbs. The first time we saw him on the teevee, we immediately assumed that this smug chubby-faced white guy was a Republican. But whoops, no, he is a hilarious Democrat who grins his way through arguments with Sean Hannity and acted as Barack Obama’s communications director during the campaign. Now he will […]

Poor Ben Porritt. The other night this tragic McCain spokesflak was on David Shuster’s show, trying to explain Sarah Palin’s latest stupidity about how the First Amendment should protect her from being criticized by the press, and it was very clear that this sad young douche needs a vacation. But with only a few days […]

Just four short years ago, it was the Democrats who were getting called out in the press for constantly changing strategies and bickering publicly about petty nonsense. And four years ago, Joe Biden took a brave stand and asked reporters the very important question, “Who gives a shit?” (Those are the actual words out of […]

Vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin reneged on her vow to talk “straight to the American people” by ignoring the media until after she’s elected President. She has instead agreed to a sit-down today with CNN, the Communist News Network. Palin will talk with some person named “Drew Griffin,” which is an anagram for “Grr! Win […]

Dean Reynolds sat down and penned this long angry rant about what a sack of douches the Obama campaign staffers are, while all the McCain people are helpful and informed. This jibes pretty squarely with Wonkette editorial impressions of the parties’ respective conventions, in which a bunch of disorganized know-nothing liberals dedicated themselves to fucking […]

That gal with the lipstick is going to meet with Important World Leaders at the UN today, so naturally the McCain campaign did not want any reporters anywhere near that disaster. They said, “OK all you press organizations can get together and decide on ONE cameraperson to record the beginning of these meetings, before Sarah […]

Two weeks before Sarah Palin will talk to anyone. It’s like cramming for the LSAT in two weeks, except in this case, the LSAT is “the entirety of foreign and domestic United States policy,” which has nothing to do with The Law. [YouTube]

Remember that time (pictured above, for your viewing pleasures!) Campbell Brown was unforgivably rude to Tucker Bounds by asking him what Sarah Palin had ever actually done as commander of the Alaskan National Guard? Why, it was almost as awful as that time Chris Matthews was unforgivably rude to Kirk Watson by asking him to […]