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Welcome to Wonkette, where we are at the very tippy-top vanguard of tracking New Pope’s inevitable march to Vatican III, which is going to be SO UNIRONICALLY AWESOME, you guys, for real! Pope Francis I is just going to stone cold reinvent the Catholic church as a poor-loving gay-loving global juggernaut, and we will all […]

Washington Post Opinion Columnist and intifada-themed torture porn aficionado Jennifer Rubin is not a big fan of the President. According to Rubin, our Muslin half-ling is simply an effete market-hating monster who splits his time between plotting to kill the Jews and live-┬ástreaming the murder of Chris Stevens with his bro’s in the war room, […]

ROMEBILLY GRIFTERS  9:40 am February 11, 2013

Pope Pulls A Palin

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Almost exactly 600 years after the last pope to resign resigned, Pope Benedict XVI is hanging up his Prada shoes and dancing off into … well, we don’t even know! Where do ex-popes go? Probably Boca. News organizations are predictably going nuts trying to figure out what the HELL? (You should see your Editrix’s “What […]

“Please be gay HIV prostitutes. Please be gay HIV prostitutes. Please be gay HIV prostitutes.”

Well, not exactly BREAKING or whatever, unless you’re Catholic for some reason and didn’t see this yesterday: Some old European guy in a Rome suburb told a guy who was writing a book that some people should wear condoms, if they’re gay AIDS prostitutes in Africa who can’t help themselves from giving everyone AIDS. This […]

Sometimes friends let old arguments get between them and keep them apart for much longer than they should. That’s why Pope Benedict XVI has decided to be the “bigger man in a funny anachronistic outfit” and plans to head up to Jolly Old England for a make-up visit. But does the Vatican believe that this […]

In this Wall Street Journal boring article about how Europeans sure love cigarettes yadda yadda, we were intrigued by this paragraph calling Nazi Pope Joe “the Plumber” Ratzinger a known smoker! Is this some hilarious WSJ New Year’s joke? Because there is no evidence we can locate, outside of some obviously photoshopped images of Ratzi […]

AL GORE  11:40 am December 12, 2007

The Pope Sucks

by Jim Newell