Another day, another nail in the coffin of the Worst Presidency Ever. Trustworthy snake oil salesman “investment” guru Wayne Allyn Root has pulled out his figurin’ stick and dropped math all over Barack Obama (sp?) and his record-low poll numbers. You probably thought NBC saying Obama had only a 41 percent approval rating was an indication […]

We’re completely certain that this tweet from Col. Morris Davis is an isolated incident of a minor technological glitch. Has to be, right? Davis was sure it was only a glitch, but also thought it was a good reminder to voters that they should double-check before pressing “submit.” Wonder how a nice strict Voter ID […]

For about an hour the other day, former George W. Bush spokesman Ari Fleisher had himself a nice case of righteous indignation when he thought he saw something nasty in the Twittershed: Could it be, he asked, that Barack Obama got special privileges on the Twitter box? Turns out that Fleischer was kinda sorta just […]

You know how everyone pretty much hates Congress? True story! A PPP poll in January found Congress less popular than root canals, head lice, cockroaches, and, worst of all, Nickelback. Maybe it is because this particular Congress is on track to be the laziest sack of Congress EVAH! Maybe it is because when Congress does […]

Chris Christie has released his first wave of campaign ads for the 2016 presidential elections! Oh no wait, no, these are not campaign ads, they are Jersey Shore tourism ads, can’t you tell? They are public service ads to promote tourism! Because everybody wants to go to a beach full of Chris Christies. That’s why […]

So what if she’s not actually running (yet), and maybe she spends most of her time in Arizona these days, but if she wants the job, a new poll shows bitter quitter Sarah Palin leading the contenders for the 2014 GOP Senate nomination in Alaska. The poll, sponsored by some Tea Party fan fiction club […]

Are you sick and tired of hearing about how Benghazi is worse than Watergate and 9/11 and the Holocaust and socialized health care? Of course you are — just like the majority of voters. Public Policy Polling asked questions, all scientific-like, and found out most people think that yes, Congress should stop publicly masturbating to […]

The votes are in: 51% of American voters have said in a poll that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. Your Wonkette probably would have skipped the effort and just polled Hillary Clinton on whether she will run for president in 2016, but it is tradition in political journalism to first consult three […]

So, how should we react when a poll shows that over a third of Republicans and independents say they “believe that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government, or New World Order”? (When you factor in the 15% of Democrats who fear […]

Today on Fox News, Steve Doocy’s floating head was forced to say words about Hillary Clinton’s possible run for President in 2016, because you know, get the fear out while it’s hot, BENGHAZIIIII!!! And just what could make him think she is doing this most of all? Well, according to Steve Doocy at first, it […]

Waah, everyone hates Congress, just because it is filled with adult babies who have managed to hold 1,237 votes on repealing Obamacare and outlawing abortion, but couldn’t manage to find time to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, because Eric Cantor hates Native American women (thanks to “Elizabeth Warren,” probably). So Public Policy Polling released […]

One of the “fun” things about presidential elections is that every four years there’s a new dumb thing about the process for political junkies to yell at each other about despite the disinterest or genuine disgust of normals, and this year it’s polling! Did Nate Silver’s devil-math suck all the fun out of democracy, forever? […]

Oh boy, we have now reached our favorite part of the election cycle: the end! It’s great because (a) the stressful part is over and (b) all the low-level staffers for both campaigns start telling secrets to the reporters that they most want to sleep with. And so it was that the lucky folks at […]

After a month or so of really kind of absurd arguments that every poll in existence was skewed because of liberalism and Nate Silver being a big gay homosexual, we have now come full circle: Jim Geraghty at the National Review has decided that those who criticize morons are basically calling them racists. So a lot of […]

OH CRAP ROMNEY’S AHEAD BY TWO POINTS IN THE LATEST AP POLL AND THE LADIES ALL LOVE HIM NOW TIME TO FREAK OUT??? No, don’t worry, libs, your math and numbers boyfriend Nate Silver still has Barry with a 70% chance of winning (and also offers soothing words about how the media specifically pays attention […]