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The latest in our series on all the 57 states Hillary will probably win in the US American election.

You get in here and and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!

Hey Trumpkins! Are you sick of winning YET? Because my god, Trump is just winning so hard, all over the place these days, and...

A new poll shows Hillary trailing Trump by only SIX POINTS in Texas. SIX POINTS!

Once again, we have another dispatch from the Trumperverse, the parallel universe in which Donald Trump is a very respectful and humble person, who...

Florida's having another election. Please tighten your safety belts and assume your crash positions.

Oh thank God, it's the Snake Oil Bulletin!

The delicate flowers cannot handle the hypothetical judgment of a disembodied voice conducting a phone survey, he says.

No really, it could happen!

Endangered Republican senators are worried Donald Trump may hurt their chances in the fall, so they're getting campaign help from a truly popular Republican: George W. Bush, who's only unpopular with half the country.

Lindsey Graham is now reportedly asking Republican donors to get behind Trump.

Despite the obvious chemistry, Paul says he is not the kind of Speaker who goes in for party unification on the first date, and is withholding his endorsement until he gets flowers.

What up, our Wonkette bros and lady-bros, are you ready to get a Top Ten list crammed at your face? GOOD. We had some...

Happy Easter, Wonkers! We hope you have all been inspired by the annual rites celebrating the rebirth of pagan fertility gods as distilled through...

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