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Tag: poll watchers

Sore Losermen: Trump Babies Will Be Crying And Suing Forever Over Nevada ‘Cheating’

Begun this Rigged Election War has.

Oh, Like Republicans Would Ever Try To Suppress The Black Vote, Just Kidding!

Turns out it's not OK to encourage Trump supporters to go to THOSE PLACES to watch THOSE PEOPLE vote!
You can tell they hate America since they don't have guns

Eric Holder Sending Black Panthers To Steal All The Elections Again

The Department of Justice is sending federal monitors to observe elections in 18 states, and the Wingnuttosphere is pretty darned cheesed about it, because this can only lead to tyranny and the UN taking over and -- worst of...

Mississippi Teabaggers Will Be On Lookout For Scary Negro Voters In Primary Runoff

Tomorrow is the runoff election for the Great Mississippi Ratfuck -- aka the Republican Senate Primary -- between Terrible Old Clueless Thad Cochran and up-and-coming neoconfederate grifterweasel Chris McDaniel. Needless to say, it's managing to remain horrible right up...

North Carolina GOP Will Improve Vote Security By Making Sure No One Can Vote

In a cascade of cynical ratfuckery that absolutely nobody could have predicted when the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act a month ago, a bill making its way through the North Carolina Senate will impose all sorts of beautiful...

Totally Innocent, Not At All Terrible Republican Poll-Watchers Getting Booted In Philly

Chaos in Philadelphia! CHAOS! They are ejecting GOP poll-watchers left and right, for no reason! Twitchy tells us all about it, in a style quite fitting to the website's name. "Are the dirty tricks starting already?" they wonder, before the...

A Children’s Treasury Of Today’s Hilarious Fox News Clips

Beloved teevee channel Fox News is focused as shit today on race-baiting, terrorism, and pissing off left-wing blogs. It is a marvel. So we've compiled some of the morning's most comical highlights here for your viewing pleasure. The best...