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Senate Sunday: For Ohio, Sherrod Brown Burns Brighter Than The Cuyahoga River. Wait, Let’s Rephrase That…

Sorry, Ohio, but you're never going to live down that Randy Newman song. Deal.

2017: The Year Trump Never Stopped Lying

How does Trump World lie? Let us count the ways.

Trey Gowdy And Devin Nunes Flooding Earth With Jizz Over New Hillary Investigations

Click to see how many jizz jokes we can make in one post. SPOILER IT IS A LOT.

Donald Trump, The Wharton School Of Business’s Everlasting Shame

Rex Tillerson may have understated the case a bit.

Politifact NAILS Hillary Clinton For Crime Of Being Hillary Clinton

Sorry, but we are feeling a LITTLE PERSNICKETY.

Wall Street Journal Too Big A Pussy To Call Donald Trump A Liar

How unfair to call Trump a liar, just because he's a liar!

Alex Jones Says Facebook’s War On Fake News Is CIA Plot! Will Sue!

It's a conspiracy against conspiracy theorists!

Donald Trump’s Idiot Son Says Dad Won’t Release Taxes, Because Then Everybody Could See His Taxes

If you know the things, then you will know the things, and you cannot know the things, because you must not know the things.

PolitiFact Lie Of The Year Is Every Single Word Out Of Donald Trump’s Face Hole

The fact up-lookers at PolitiFact, best known for finding creative ways to label true statements as anything but -- half-true, mostly true, true-ish but not really, true with a smidge of false on the side -- have announced their annual Lie...

Why Did Ben Carson’s Enemies Force Him To Shill For Quack Cancer Cure?

Now that Dr. Ben Carson is the Republican Party's new daddy of the month, his enemies are out to get him. How? By hopping in their submarine time machines, apparently, and forcing him to use his reputation as a...
Donald Trump brought his favorite album

Republicans Demand Kinder, Gentler Debates With Multiple Choice Questions

Following Wednesday's GOP primary debate in which mean CNBC moderators asked him questions that required him to do math or lie about that decade he shilled for quack cancer cures, Dr. Ben Carson decided he's had enough of biased reporters who...
Just because I'm in a video with their logo in the corner doesn't mean I have an involvement with them

Ben Carson Only Endorsed Quack Nutritional Supplements A Tiny Bit, For 10 Years

Dr. Ben Carson would like everyone to know he definitely was not a pitchman for the sketchy nutritional supplements company Mannatech for 10 years. No involvement with that company at all. He only gave a couple speeches on the company's behalf....

23 Times Fox News Sh*t The Bed, You Are Welcome

So you know how Fox News, America’s No. 1 News Source for Your Racist Uncle, got into that little dustup with Le Gay Paree over, you know, how France and England had created a bunch of Muslims-only Shariah paradises...
This is a man who knows about conspiracies

BREAKING: Jesse Ventura Wrong About Nazi Water Fluoridation

Of the many things that you may have been worried about this week, the good fact-checkers at Politifact would like to free you of one possible source of anxiety: No, the practice of water fluoridation did not begin in...