It’s been a fun few years, but now Levi Johnston, once and future sperm gifter extraordinaire, has joined every other 22-year-old in America and become broke and a tenant in his mother’s home. According to a report in US Weekly, Levi has already (“already”) squandered his $1 million winnings from being Mr. Playgirl Winter 2010 […]

Playgirl is still alive somehow. And we guess it’s because it does stuff like this: finding Michele Bachmann’s 28-year-old son and asking him to pose nude in their publication, for publicity. He said no, of course. But considering Bachmann has five children and has foster-parented 23 others, something she brags about on the campaign trail, […]

Good god, we’ve gone several hours without a Levi Johnston update! Yesterday, we all learned of Young Levi’s political plans: He wants to run for mayor of Wasilla, because he heard about this other idiot who managed to become mayor of Wasilla. But his bastard child’s sketchy old granny (Sarah Palin) isn’t even mayor of […]

UPDATE: Really, a guy with his business covered by a big old towel is “not safe for work” now? WE THOUGHT THIS WAS AMERICA, etc., but if a nation’s few remaining employed people can’t practice their love on a front-page semi-nekkid Levi Johnston, we will hide the snausage after the jump. NOW BACK TO THE […]

PROMINENT NAKEDS  11:07 am November 13, 2009

by Juli Weiner

A HOCKEY STICK! The lucky object that Levi Johnston oriented around his naked body in such a way as to accentuate his penis or clean fingernails or whatever in the sex pictures he’s doing. Congratulations to a hockey stick, which presumably beat out some sort of physical manifestation of Twitter and Graydon Carter’s fancyman hairpiece […]

DREAMBOATS  11:31 am October 27, 2009

by Juli Weiner

LEVI JOHNSON IS HAVING MORE FUN THAN EVERYONE YOU KNOW COMBINED: “‘He’s pumped! He’s ready to shock the world. The hell with fifteen minutes,’ [Levi's publicist Tank] Jones told Us over the phone. ‘As a matter of fact, when I picked him up, he came out the house naked. I said ‘not now!’ Johnston himself […]

COCKTOBER  1:18 pm October 8, 2009

by Jim Newell

JESUS CHRIST, THIS WAS OLD NEWS: YES FINE OKAY TIPSTERS, Levi Johnston is going to be nakey in Playgirl, according to the new story that is the exact same thing as the story from several weeks ago. See? Lauri Apple even did an illustration back then and everything! But anyway, Levi is working out six […]

Our little Levi Johnston is known for one thing, and that’s putting his wang into Sarah Palin’s teen-aged daughter’s hoohah. AND YET … his Playgirl pictorial will be ruined by some type of duck blind over his ding-dong. But what will cover Wasilla’s most infamous working-class wiener? Our op-art specialist Lauri Apple has many suggestions.

Sarah Palin’s least-favorite almost-son-in-law Levi Johnston will not vanish from the public eye, ever! He’s doing a photoshoot with a website called Playgirl, which, despite its gender specific name, is actually a site for gay men who like to look at photographs of other men, naked. There is nothing wrong with this! And, you know, […]