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Oh, James Comey, You Sassy Bitch! Wonkagenda For April 16, 2018

James Comey spills his guts, Michael Cohen tries to hide his shit, and Trump mad he has to be mean to Putin. Your morning news brief.

Senate Gives Dreamers ICE Nightmares. Wonkagenda For Friday, Feb. 16, 2018

The Senate kills the American Dream, Congress tries to ignore another mass shooting, and Trump goes out of his way to hide affairs with porn stars. Your morning news brief.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Got Her Ass Handed To Her, And It Was Glorious

Oh, you will want to watch this!

Al Franken’s Senate Memoir Has Buttload Of Gravitas

You should buy this book. That's the tl;dr version.

Ex-Playboy Bunny/Terrible Human Gets Community Service For Publicly Shaming Total Stranger

Except it can't be at schools, because the judge thinks she shouldn't be around children.

Donald Trump’s New BFF Thinks It’s Cool To Murder Abortion Doctors, Isn’t That Nice?

Let's get acquainted with Trump's new pal Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue!
Muy caliente!

Playboy Will Still Make Naked Ladies For You, But Only In Mexican

The other day, the world was shocked-but-not-really to find out that Playboy, the iconic magazine known mostly for hard-hitting journalism and the occasional picture of a booby, would be getting rid of the boobies entirely and going to a boner-free...
He's just a regular super rich guy who's a total dick

Did Bazillionaire Bruce Rauner Bully A Reporter Out Of His Job? Yes. Yes, He Did.

Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for Illinois governor, is just a regular guy with a van. Oh, and a $100,000 wine club membership. And some Cayman Islands cash. And a charming disposition, by which we mean he allegedly said...

A Park Ranger Was Fired For Dancing On The Job In This Morning’s Happy Links!

BREAKING: Neil Gaiman has jumped on board to help us fight injustice at Happy Nice Time People! He retweeted a story we posted about a thing yr Editrix found: a man was fired for dancing at work! He was a...

Let’s Fap One Out On The Ground For Al Goldstein Of ‘Screw’

Al Goldstein, reporter, publisher, incessant litigant, and pornographer died today at age 77. Goldstein was the mastermind behind Screw magazine, a lad mag that was defiantly unacceptable. Screw didn't want to be Playboy, with its John Updike interviews and...

Meghan McCain to Playboy: I’m ‘Strictly Dickly’

You guys are gonna be sorry you ever said anything mean about Young Meg McCabe, for serious, because her new Playboy interview is out and she is basically the greatest political progeny ever. That's right -- even better than...

Latest Wasilla Success Story: Mercede Johnston Posing For Playboy

According to the world's most trusted news source, some celebrity website we've never heard of, Levi Johnston's sister Mercede is going to pose nude for Playboy. Why? And why now? Well, America collectively said, "Who? What? Sure," when they...

Here Is John Conyers On An Airplane Fapping To Playboy Magazine

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday of touching people's genitals to celebrate the miracle of flight, so here's a video that's emerged of Rep. John Conyers of Detroit looking at a copy of Playboy on an airplane. And through the...

Tony Hayward Being Shipped Off To Siberia

BP's sacrificial Scottish piñata, Tony Hayward, is not exactly getting his life back. BP is reportedly sending him to Siberia, to run some operation there. Haha, isn't that where the Soviets/Putin send traitors? And didn't Washington just trade the...

Van Jones Refuses To Resign From New Position At Center for American Progress

Deeply offensive human being and eternal Red Menace Van Jones is doing something green-related for domestic terrorist organization CAP. Did you know there are zero Taco Bell outlets in Havana, even though Cuba is so close to Mexico? Not...