BREAKING: Neil Gaiman has jumped on board to help us fight injustice at Happy Nice Time People! He retweeted a story we posted about a thing yr Editrix found: a man was fired for dancing at work! He was a happy park ranger, and now he is no kind of park ranger at all. Anyway, we […]

Al Goldstein, reporter, publisher, incessant litigant, and pornographer died today at age 77. Goldstein was the mastermind behind Screw magazine, a lad mag that was defiantly unacceptable. Screw didn’t want to be Playboy, with its John Updike interviews and jazz festivals. Screw began in 1968 with a fuck you manifesto to end all fuck you […]

You guys are gonna be sorry you ever said anything mean about Young Meg McCabe, for serious, because her new Playboy interview is out and she is basically the greatest political progeny ever. That’s right — even better than Amy Carter! Remember how you felt about Sarah Palin, when she was just Wonkette’s GILF and […]

According to the world’s most trusted news source, some celebrity website we’ve never heard of, Levi Johnston’s sister Mercede is going to pose nude for Playboy. Why? And why now? Well, America collectively said, “Who? What? Sure,” when they were asked if they wanted to see Levi Johnston’s gonads in Playgirl, and it turns out […]

Thanksgiving is an annual holiday of touching people’s genitals to celebrate the miracle of flight, so here’s a video that’s emerged of Rep. John Conyers of Detroit looking at a copy of Playboy on an airplane. And through the power of journalism, we know what pages the Judiciary Committee chairman cross-examined.

BP’s sacrificial Scottish piñata, Tony Hayward, is not exactly getting his life back. BP is reportedly sending him to Siberia, to run some operation there. Haha, isn’t that where the Soviets/Putin send traitors? And didn’t Washington just trade the Sexy Spy and her yuppie buddies for some Russian scientist who had been held in a […]

Deeply offensive human being and eternal Red Menace Van Jones is doing something green-related for domestic terrorist organization CAP. [Matt Yglesias] Did you know there are zero Taco Bell outlets in Havana, even though Cuba is so close to Mexico? Not only that, Cuba is without KFC stores or McDonald’s barfburger stands! Why does Castro […]

According to Experts, the recently minted members of America’s middle class — the ones who got ARMs on their three-bedroom ranches in the exurbs and took out $600 a month car loans on their Ford Explorers and used credit cards to pay for their Starbucks Gargantua-chinos every morning — will now be sad hobos along […]

Hey everybody, remember Jessica Cutler? No? Well, a long time ago there was this Senate staffer aide and she had sex — including sex in the butt! — with men who gave her money or other valuables in exchange for the sex. This was different from all other human relationships because she, Jessica Cutler, made […]