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Mr. Super Integrity Neil Gorsuch Just Upholding Trump Plagiarism Traditions

Can anyone get near this administration without ruining their reputation? It seems not!
We could show you Scott Pruitt's face. But this is his true essence.

Team Of Evils: Trump’s EPA Pick Not So Big On ‘Protecting’ So-Called ‘Environment’

Do we really need an environment anyway?
The one on the left looks awful familiar for some reason

Oh Hey Rand Paul Is Still Running For A Thing. Remember Him? Your Senate Sunday!

Kentucky may be having one historic Senate election, but nobody's paying much attention. Let's fix that!

Hillary Clinton Threatened To Murder Bernie Sanders, Says Credible Not-Russian-Sounding News Site

Did you know that Hillary Clinton threatened to kill Bernie Sanders if he didn't drop out of the primaries? It's on the internet, so it must be true.
Maybe they'll call me 'The Great Communicator'...

Donald Trump Jr. Didn’t Plagiarize Anything. His Speechwriter Just Recycled, Is All.

The night after Melania Trump gave a speech that just happened to lift passages from a Michelle Obama speech, another copying gaffe appeared to pop up. Except this time it's not plagiarism. Unless you want to fight about it.

Melania Trump Isn’t A Plagiarist, She’s a Brony, Says Utterly Shameless RNC Dude

The defenses of Melania Trump's plagiarism are beginning to get a little silly. Imagine that!
We can hardly wait for the scene where she learns shit from Shinola.

Melania Trump Copied Michelle Obama’s Homework. Trump Camp Says You Didn’t See What You Just Saw

Melania Trump lifted from Michelle Obama's 2008 convention speech. Now let's imagine Michelle Obama had cribbed from Laura Bush.

Paul Ryan Is A Idiot, But Not Enough To Take Speaker’s Job. Or Is He?

Out of the chaos in Congress, following Kevin McCarthy's decision to not become the most inarticulate speaker of the House ever (because SEX SCANDAL, allegedly), a consensus has strangely arisen as sometimes happens in Washington and the political Talking...
Yer Retro Classic ShitFerBrains Logo

Deleted Comments: In Which A Rat’s Ass Is Given About Bristol Palin

Hey, remember when "guy in a hardhat" was an archetype of rightwing dumbassery? Now that America doesn't make anything anymore (and we don't win anymore, as Donald Trump points out), our stereotypical Dear ShitFerBrains guy should probably be a...
Actually ...

Rand Paul: Sexist Women Won’t Stop Sexisming Me!

Look, Rand Paul already explained to us idiots that he is NOT sexist just because he has a habit of being a jerk to lady reporters. He is a jerk to ALL reporters, so there! But he has thought...
Since this photo doesn't exist, maybe YOU DON'T EITHER! Whoa, we are all Philip K Dick today!

New Wingnut Theory (Or ‘Satire’?): Michelle Obama Never Birthed No Babies

From the ugly world of Facebook, we received a recommendation to check out this story: "Evidence Emerges That Michelle Obama Never Birthed Malia And Sasha," at something called "The U.S. Patriot," whose "About" page assures us that they are...
Ha. Ha. Ha.

Chelsea Clinton Had A Baby, Whereabouts During Benghazi Unknown

Unto the child of Billary, a child was born. And the New York Post was ON IT, as only the Post can be: Bill and Hillary Clinton welcomed a brand new Democrat into the fold on Saturday — by sharing...
Will not cause cancer probably

Good News, Ladies, Your Bra Won’t Give You Cancer And Other News You Can Maybe Use

Good news, bad news, old news, new news -- Yr Wonkette has it all, for all your news needs. In case you were worried that your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder was doing cancer to your lady lumps, breathe a sigh of relief because...
A Doktor Zoom original

National Review Burnishes ‘Serious Journalism’ Rep By Hiring Disgraced Plagiarist Benny Johnson

If you were concerned that hack plagiarist Benny Johnson, Buzzfeed's former viral politics editor and laughing stock of the internet -- which he loves :) -- would disappear into oblivion and fade from our memories, pinch your collective selves...
Sorry, Virginia

Bernie Sanders Says Shut Up, Pat Robertson Calls For Revolution (Again), And Other News You Can Maybe Use

We have good news and bad news. The good news is that it's almost Friday. The bad news is that it's not Friday yet. Here, have some news to make you laugh, cry, or just go back to bed. One...