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These Dickhead Karen Handel Videos Will Help You Decide To Vote For Jon Ossoff

The election is Tuesday! Do Georgia voters really want this asshole lady in Congress?

It’s OK To Talk About Donald Trump’s Alleged Love For Wee-Wee Hookers, You Guys

You are allowed to LOL about this as much as you want, AS LONG AS YOU PROMISE TO TELL THE WHOLE STORY.
"Listen here, young man, I hardly think 'The King's Pilgrimage' can be read ironically."

Peggy Noonan Explains Civilization To Savage Muslim Hordes

She would not cower in fear of the Muslim menace. She would not hide out in her aerie high above Manhattan with only her houseboy Manuel and a crate of Dewar’s for company. No sir, not Sister Peggy Noonan...
And Billo was one of the more restrained ones

How Are Wingnuts Reacting To Paris Massacre? You’d Be Surprised! (No You Wouldn’t)

While Parisians took to the streets with their "Je Suis Charlie" signs yesterday to quietly express solidarity with the murdered satirists and bystanders at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, the American Wingnut-Industrial Complex was in Full Panic Mode, explaining...

For His Next Trick, Glenn Beck Will Pull Mapplethorpe’s Bullwhip Out Of His Butt

Back in 1987, before many of you young Wonkettarians were born (but not yr Wonkette, because we are ageless, like the sea) there was a kerfluffle over the National Endowment for the Arts and how it funded things that...