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Happy 420 Easter (also unfortunately Hitler’s birthday), everyone! This week, a bit of a surprise: we had anticipated that our textbooks for the Christian-school market would lead off their discussion of the 1970s with a lot of excuses and soft-pedaling of Watergate, perhaps depicting it as the destruction of a good man by radicals in […]

You might think that by now, we were no longer capable of being surprised by Phyllis Schlafly and the merry band of rightwing loonies in her orbit. And for the most part, you’d be right — we’re no longer shocked by much of anything these twits say, because like Taco Bell, they’re in the business […]

So, Superwoymns, you know how are are trying to Lean In and Have It All and Support Yourselves And Your Families because those unshaved bra-burning feminazis have poisoned your beautiful minds with their alluring lies of equality and grrrrrl power and being able to pay the bills? Well, Suzanne Venker, who is A Expert on […]

Phyllis Schlafly Was There to Kick Ass And Chew Bubblegum, And Phyllis Schlafly Was All Out of Bubblegum It was spring of ’66 in Washington DC and the smell of Napalm was in Phyllis Schlafly’s hair. She’d just been robbed of her coveted Presidential coronet at the 14th biennial convention of the National Federation of […]

Phyllis Schlafly, the Queen Mum of rightwing hate, is getting pretty tired of the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. So yesterday, she tossed a tempest; in a radio commentary, she insisted that the Statue of Liberty actually “has nothing whatsoever to do with immigration.” Schlafly also dismissed Emma Lazarus’ poem “The […]

People, it is HARD out there for a bigot these days. Even attention whore Anthony Kennedy called you out on your shit in his I Love The Gays court decision, and now you have no country for old haters. Fortunately, Phyllis Schlafly, who is remarkably STILL ALIVE, has got your back and will be spokeshater […]

We were really hoping, in light of the Supreme Court going all gay yesterday, that we’d hear from the O.G Culture Scold herself, Phyllis Schlafly. Who better than Schlafly to bust out a nice little homophobic rant after that decision? Alas, ’tis not to be, probably because Schlafly is super-busy of late because she’s taken […]

It is an Easter Miracle more improbable than the original: Poop lollipop Jim Hoft has the most-read news website in the vacuum of skepticism known as Missouri. Suffice it to say your Wonkette thought Hoft was once again talking out of his ass when he bragged that his fetid outhouse on the net captured more […]

Original Mens Rights Activist Phyllis Schlafly, that grand old thing, has some thoughts on women in combat. She is against it. She is against it for all your standard Phyllis Schlafly reasons, but adds in one extra, just to keep things spicy: Men will not be able to stop themselves from the temptation of raping […]

Perfidious cockbucket Todd Akin received enthusiastic support Tuesday from noted insane persons Phyllis Schlafly and Bryan Fischer. Remarkably, this is not expected to hurt his chances for election to the US Senate. Reaching previously unplumbed depths of either cluelessness or chicanery — even for her — Ms. Schlafly carefully explained that Akin was not in […]

So, the Citadel, the military college in South Carolina? Has a class on “Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America”? (We have not gotten to the joke yet, you guys.) And the professor brings in such luminous worthies/worthy luminaries as … Donald Rumsfeld and Ed Meese? (We still haven’t gotten to the funny part!) Well, this week’s […]

Anybody with half a brain (and specifically those with half a brain) knows that the GOP loves women — loves them just to death! — and it’s the Democratic leadership like Louis C.K. and Your Wonkette who call cunty women “cunts” so we are super-way-worse. So why is everybody ragging all over the poor maligned […]

The Virginia state legislature is preparing to switch from the U.S. dollar to some sort of nu-currency—salted hams, probably. [WND] Welfare queen Jimmy Carter is living large off of YOUR tax money! Be angry! [Washington Times] Marriage-rape advocate and anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly says Americans must rise up against the activist judges who would allow gays […]