A harried-looking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie showed up on Fox & Friends this morning, and the concerned geniuses there immediately got to the important question, while he explained the massive destruction all around him: Would he be having a nice photo op of the devastation of his state with Republican standardbearer His Lord High […]

Our modern-day Richard Dawson had a single tip for every single female child in the Capitol building yesterday. And then he traded a three-year-old a mint for a piece of paper. (Watch it here, the brilliantly titled “Biden Smooth Talks Senator’s Son.”) If you were watching them read the thing on C-SPAN today, you will […]

Some Indian officials working security on President Obama’s foreign trip thought they could restrict the number of White House pool reporters allowed into a photo-op with Obama and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, lowering it from eight to five, and things predictably got violent. YOU DO NOT TELL AMERICANS THEY CAN HAVE FEWER THINGS THAN THE […]

Is it possible to win an Oscar for best musical selection in a YouTube video? Because this is perfect. Thank you George W. Bush, from the bottom of all our hearts, for winning the Iraq War this week.

AMERICAblog has posted the comical tale of a New Mexico resident who went to a popular local restaurant yesterday and saw the Republican candidates, in the flesh, who both basically ignored him even though he had a cute baby with him. Why do Republicans hate cute babies and men with liberal elitist iPhones asking insolent […]

MEDIA BIAS  1:04 pm August 4, 2008

by Sara K. Smith

WASHINGTON POST WOULD RUN MORE PHOTOS OF McCAIN IF HIS FACE WASN’T ALWAYS MELTING OFF: “Obama and his backgrounds are simply more photogenic. … McCain also is often wearing a baseball cap outside to protect his skin from another melanoma, and it shades his face.” [Washington Post]

GEORGE W. BUSH  2:58 pm September 5, 2005

Worshipers from Afar

by wonkette