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Oh 2013, how we will miss you and your multitudes of bad analogies, even though we are pretty sure 2014 will bring us even more bad analogies, because America is awful and Americans are awful, and it is now standard practice to compare anything you do not like to really bad stuff and/or really bad […]

Well all right then. The government shutdown happened. While some Republicans were calling this “dance” something to “compromise” and “negotiate” into giving them exactly everything they ever wanted ever, and Democrats were “refusing to be extorted,” the clock instead struck midnight and everyone just went home, probably because they had finally run through all the […]

Wow you guys, yesterday sure was a fun day for democracy and we have so much to talk about this morning! What was your favorite part of the great SHUTDOWNGHAZI!!1!!??? Was it that time when the Senate, a body not known for moving with anything approaching alacrity, took less than an hour to strip three […]

Grumpy owl and New York congressman Peter King (R-IRA) announced this weekend that, having protected America from the Ground Zero Mosque and scary Muslims taking over America, he will now take his bigotry on the road and run for President of the United States. As the first GOP candidate to announce, he wins a special […]

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) managed to invoke Hitler yesterday in a historical context that did not involve insane hyperbole, but instead reflected an actual comparison between isolationist Republicans of the 1930s and today. Referring on CNN to Sen. Rand Paul’s contention that the “tax and spend wing” of the Republican party is too fond of […]

Peter King (R-Stasi) has taking the very brave position of calling for the prosecution of reporters that publish classified data. Presumably, he is only referring to the classified data leaked by whistleblowers, NOT the classified data accidentally revealed by Michele Bachman during primary debates, and definitely not the classified data selectively leaked to news outlets […]

Over the weekend, various security officials and congresscritters were forced to go on the morning yap shows or talk to the press about the secret data collection programs exposed by the Guardian over the weekend. Some of them took this opportunity to explain why they were glad, GLAD, that we are finally having a national […]

As the world waits on its tenterhooks — which are surprisingly comfortable, and shaped liked a sofa — for Glenn Beck to release his DAMNING EVIDENCE about the US government coverup of the SAUDI NATIONAL who has already been cleared in the matter of the Boston Bombing, we learn that Beck has at least four […]

If there’s one thing New York Rep. Peter King (R-OF COURSE) hates — besides Muslims, obviously — it’s people who leak classified information because they hate America. (Why else would they leak classified information, right?) Leaking government secrets is like an “invitation to murder” basically, according to Peter King. Like that one time there were […]

Remember yesterday? Yesterday was AWESOME. Yesterday was the day when everybody – literally, everybody ever – hated John Boehner for behaving in a cartoon-villian-level of evil fashion and not bringing the Sandy relief bill to the floor. Leading the mob, avec pitchforks, was our surprising new hero Chris Christie, who rolled up and brought it. […]

Did you spend the new year’s holiday careening from half-truth to quarter-truth, rage to amusement, regarding the House GOP and the fiscal cliff? We did! Yr Wonkette was relieved that the whole thing went down on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, which absolved us from having to write all that much about it […]

The problem with the Republican race for president, so far, is that there’s just not enough of the “craven opportunist stunt candidate on the make who also has a dreadful personal life.” Newt Gingrich just can’t handle all of this by himself! And Donald Trump never needed the money. Is there somebody else kind of […]

We thought he was plenty busy hating on Muslims — and why can’t the Muslims just shut their halal-holes and enjoy America’s endless bloody pointless murderous wars against Muslim countries, anyway? — but Rep. Peter King is also trying to shut down America’s ham radio frequencies.

Why would Peter King let known Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison testify during his hearings about how all Muslims are terrorists? What a dumb move. All Ellison had to do was tell a simple truth about Muslim Americans, and the whole spectacle was ruined.

Rep. Peter King (R-Xenophobia) is finally starting up his very special hearings today, in which he calls before his committee a bunch of Muslims so King, an IRA terrorist, can be filmed telling them their religion is pure murder. But that’s not all! To sweeten the spectacle, King “revealed” to Politico that he has been […]