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Trouble In Paradise? Ann Coulter And Donald Trump’s Torrid Love Affair Hits Skids

It was just last year that Ann Coulter finally met her man. A seething rage demon not unlike herself, who promised her flowers and candy and trips to Paris and a massive deportation force breaking down the door of...

Manosphere Sweetheart Roosh V Needs Your Help To Make A Trump Media Enemies List!

He's already got a pretty great start!

Trump U Case To Move Forward Even Though Trump Would Prefer It Did Not

Gee Officer Trumpke -- TRUMP U!

Donald Trump SO MAD Colorado Fire Marshal Refused To Let Him Die In A Fire

Trump got stuck in an elevator and rescued by firefighters, and then insulted the fire marshal for not letting too many people in the building for his rally.

Real World’ Republicans: Melania Just Stoled Back Speech Michelle Obama Took From GOP

See what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting totally delusional.

Trump Ghostwriter So, So, So Sorry He Made It Look Like Trump Was Not A Monster

Because he IS a monster, and Tony Schwartz is so sorry if he made you think he was anything but that.

Coquettish Paul Ryan Done Playing Hard To Get, Ready To Give His Heart To Trump

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Presidential candidate in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of an endorsement from a Speaker of the House.

Former Dumbest Person Alive Dan Quayle Is BACK, Says Trump Is A Winning Winner Because He Wins

In related news, Dan Quayle doesn't know what a tautology is.

The Only Thing Donald Trump Will Recycle Is This Hilarious Bit About Newfangled Hairspray

If what's good for the environment is bad for Donald Trump's hair, then those regulations are just not worth the risk.

‘Pick-Up Artist’ Roosh V Deprived Of Suitable Wife By Worldwide Conspiracy To Educate Women

Inside the secret illuminati plot to depopulate the world and deprive Roosh V of a wife that will make him all the sandwiches.

Science Proves Wonkette Writers Are Diligent Drones

So we were over at the blog of our Emo-Goth boyfriend Andrew Sullivan and he linked to this nifty site analyzer deal that will stare deep into your blog's soul and tell you exactly what kind of a human...