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What’s the deal with former child stars? Don’t get us wrong, we know being a child star is a fucked-up life, but is the best way to solve it turning into a depressingly fervent Bible banger like Kirk Cameron or, apparently, his little sister Candace Cameron Bure, she of DJ Tanner in “Full House” fame? […]

It seems like just yesterday we were worried about Sarah Palin! The wraithlike skin-sack of hollow bones clomping around Los Angeles this week was not the GILF you’ve hatefucked in your brainpan so many times throughout the years, but instead gave us a huge anti-boner of sad. (That this led to accusations in the comments […]

The tabloids would have you believe that Al Gore wanted some masseuse person to touch his genitals one time years ago, but a respectable magazine, People, does not believe this, as they heard from one of Tipper Gore’s friends that she doesn’t believe it happened. “And they also say Al had an affair with a […]

ZOMG has Barack Obama lost his MOMENTUM??? The megastar celebrity appeared on the cover of People last week, and sales actually DIPPED by 50,000 copies. If Barack Obama cannot stimulate enough reader interest to keep circulation at a healthy 1.45 million copies per week, is he really qualified for the highest office in the land? […]

FUNNY PICTURES  11:56 am December 18, 2006

White House Takedown

by Alex Pareene