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Donald Trump Wants Witnesses To His Groping Attacks? Here’s Some.

These people probably don't count, though, because they weren't in the audience when Trump groped that lady.
Gosh, these terrible Clinton supporters are so terrible

Lou Dobbs Accidentally Doxxes Trump Accuser, Oops! Stuff Happens, Doesn’t It?

Lou Dobbs is right. This campaign is ugly. Wish he hadn't helped make it uglier.

Donald Trump Is Going Insane Right Now About Jews And Ugly Women Out To Get Him

A cabal of international bankers? Who could he possibly mean?

Somebody Did All The Groping, And It Was Donald Trump (Allegedly)

This is so unexpected!

Mike Huckabee Yells At Lady To Shut Her Stupid Face About His Poor Duggar Pals

You might not like the politics of conservative cuddlebear Mike Huckabee, and you shouldn't, because they are terrible. But come on, everyone agrees he's so jolly and funny and fun, and even the liberal New York Jew Jon Stewart loved...
Just like Hillary Clinton, ONLY BETTER.

Carly Fiorina Promises No Sexist Comments About Hillary Clinton’s Vagina

Carly Fiorina is SERIOUS. She is in this presidential campaign to win it, so that she can drive America right into the ground, just like she did to Hewlett-Packard. And now that she's polling with the big boys, she's...
The REAL racists, obviously

Daily Caller: Never Forget That Black Lady Who Used To Be Blackness Czar Racisted A White General, With Racism

Hot on the heels of the Helter-Skelter-provoking interview with Barack and Michelle Obummer in People magazine, in which they had the uppityness to claim that maybe being black maybe isn’t always a sunshine-and-daisies walk in the park in U.S....
always talking about race all the time

Racist Obamas Try To Start Race War On Whitey By Talking About Being Black

Ugh, the so-called "first family" is trying to start a race war -- again! Like it's not bad enough that President Obama is always injecting race into statements about how if he had a black son, his son would...
k to the g

Politico Reporter: Kirsten Gillibrand Is a Lying Liar, Since No Man in Congress Has Ever Been Sexist

On Wednesday, the New York Post published tidbits of what promises to be an entertaining and depressing new interview with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in which she describes being called "fat" and told to work out more since she was getting "porky" by...

‘Full House’ Child Star Candace Cameron Bure Gets Kinky And Submissive, For Jesus

What's the deal with former child stars? Don't get us wrong, we know being a child star is a fucked-up life, but is the best way to solve it turning into a depressingly fervent Bible banger like Kirk Cameron...

It’s Okay, You Guys, Sarah Palin Is Just ‘Writing’ A Fitness ‘Book’

It seems like just yesterday we were worried about Sarah Palin! The wraithlike skin-sack of hollow bones clomping around Los Angeles this week was not the GILF you've hatefucked in your brainpan so many times throughout the years, but...

Sex Detective Tipper Gore Doesn’t Believe Ex-Husband Groped Massage Lady

The tabloids would have you believe that Al Gore wanted some masseuse person to touch his genitals one time years ago, but a respectable magazine, People, does not believe this, as they heard from one of Tipper Gore's friends...

Sales Of ‘People’ Magazine With Obama On The Cover Just Kind Of Average

ZOMG has Barack Obama lost his MOMENTUM??? The megastar celebrity appeared on the cover of People last week, and sales actually DIPPED by 50,000 copies. If Barack Obama cannot stimulate enough reader interest to keep circulation at a healthy...

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