You probably remember Gilberton, Pennsylvania, police chief and rejected Wonkette contributor Mark Kessler, the gentleman who expected to be silenced because of his principled, heavily armed stand against a paper picture of Nancy Pelosi and his obscenity-peppered warnings about libtards? Turns out he was kind of a prophet (or could just see the blindingly obvious), because […]

Pennsylvania Republican Governor Tom Corbett is not a happy man. He is bound and determined to stop a county-level municipal employee from spreading human rights and dignity, because that is not appropriate on Corbett’s watch. Since July 24, a Montgomery County official, D. Bruce Hanes, has been issuing marriage licenses to any old Adam and […]

Somehow, the end of the week brought us a flurry of stories that are all special wonderful snowflakes of stoopid, and while they’re all worthy of pointing and laughing at, we just can’t devote an entire post to each of them. After all, we have a full day of coddling radical Islam to get to! […]

Do not be outraged by this story of a Pennsylvania family whose settlement with Range Resources, the fracking company that (allegedly) “contaminated their water supply and caused burning eyes, sore throats and headaches,” includes a lifetime gag order on their children, aged 7 and 10 at the time of the settlement. OK, you can be […]

Here’s a data point for anyone working on their dissertation about the lemonade stand as symbolic avatar for American Capitalism.* Never mind Fox News fantasies about Barack Obama trying to destroy young entrepreneurs, now the kids need to worry about getting robbed at gunpoint. A BB gun, but still. TPM reports that a 12-year-old boy […]

So you remember that charming young man, Mark Kessler, the police chief for Gilberton, Pennsylvania? He’s the guy who wants to “cleanse” America of all the enemies of liberty, like libtards who all “take it in the ass.” He also posted a video where he shot up targets that he labeled “Nancy Pelosi” and “John […]

It is too bad Wonket does not allow comments, because if it did, surely Gilberton, Pennsylvania, Police Chief Mark Kessler would make the cut! He could come and tell us how we worthly wonket scum take it up the ass and need to be “cleansed” from the country (as Dems, liberals, and “liberal news agency’s”) […]

Remember all that conspiracy around the election when Democrats were saying that Republicans were trying to suppress democratic voters and Republicans were all, “Naw, mang, we just really care about voter fraud from predominantly minority populations.” But then officials kept accidentally spilling the beans on the true intent, like Pennsylvania GOP House Leader Mike Turzai […]

Well here’s something kind of cool: Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, announced Thursday that she won’t defend the state’s dumb ban on same-sex marriage in a lawsuit because she believes the law is “wholly unconstitutional.” The state has been sued by the ACLU, which is representing 23 Pennsylvania residents* in an attempt to overturn the […]

Sup Pennsylvania? Oh, you were just there in your legislature, having your regular old “let’s all get up and jaw about something,” like US House members get to do for the CSPAN cameras when everyone else has gone home for the night, and some GAY tried to talk about the Supreme Court and DOMA? Well, […]

As you know, our running tally of states we do not wish to live in is woefully South-heavy. We’ve had a couple strong Northern contenders but the South keeps rising and rising AGAIN! Today, though, we’ve got one of the original 13 colonies entering our list for a couple good reasons. First, there is no […]

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, has been busy passing Stand Your Ground laws and unionbusting laws and putting children in prison laws. You know, your basic “common good.” But it also has a fun new “ag gag” bill it has been peddling around to all the states — like, even California? that is how […]

So, we don’t know just how worried to be about this thing: the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sent a questionnaire to 106 science teachers in Pennsylvania, and we’re not sure whether we should be a little freaked out that 19% of those responding said they believed in creationism and 13% believed in “intelligent design,” or if we […]

Gosh. Norristown, Pennsylvania seems like it must be a real nice place to live what with its strict schoolmarm rule against “disorderly behavior.” In order to be fair, however, the rule applies not only to those who perpetrate “disorderly behavior” but also to those who might happen to be victims of it. Best legal system […]

Well, we tried to bring you the story of a Democratic mayor who false-imprisoned a dude to make him do sex at him, and then fired one of his THREE guns into a wall or a bunch of newspapers or something, The Paper-styley. We tried to do this, since we got our tip from some […]