Right on the heels of suspending the “Bling Bishop,” New Pope has another misbehaving European prelate on his hands: Archbishop Jozef Michalik, the head of the Polish Episcopate, who kind of made everybody in Poland groan and slap their foreheads (we hope?) for suggesting that children abused by priests share some of the blame for […]

After this morning’s shocking revelation that Obama made persistently mediocre jobs numbers slightly less mediocre by faking the whole thing, it was time for conservative media to bring their awesome and terrible powers of destruction to bear on the nonpartisan civil servants at the Bureau of Labor Statistics who made bad numbers happen. The Washington […]

What we really need is for someone to break down the cost of things Sasha Obama wears and where to get them, because she is nine years old. Thankfully, we have The Daily Beast. “The affordability of Sasha’s clothes, according to Mary Tomer, ‘makes Mrs. Obama and Sasha Obama all the more relatable.’ She says […]

Let’s see let’s see let’s see THINK GODDAMMIT what’s a good term to use when you’re defending an actual NAZI in a Pope Hat over his role in defending and protecting Catholic priests all over the world who rape little boys? How about “anti-Semitism.” Ha ha, Jesus may have died on Good Friday but irony […]

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Color Your Way To Safety

by Megan Carpentier

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‘Times’ Perv Pleads Guilty

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