In this New Media hellscape, the news comes at you fast and furious. Though we probably try our best, in our mad rush to write a dozen gross jokes about Sarah Palin’s latest bedshitting incident and hit “publish” before everyone has moved on to the next stupid thing, we occasionally get something wrong. Yes, “occasionally,” […]

Hey, media and history nerds! With this week’s 50th anniversary of the 1963 March On Washington For Jobs and Freedom coming up Wednesday, we’re happy to share the great radio guy Jean Shepherd’s first-person account of being in the march, broadcast just the day after the event. It’s pretty cool: rambling and digressive, but such […]

Oh hey liberals, remember how in the opening moments of the first presidential debate Mitt Romney was all like “I love Big Bird, but he should not be paid for with taxes,” and you thought this was hilarious, but then Obama started losing and then you peed your pants and launched into a five-day crying […]

Duh, everybody freaking out about Homeless Big Bird, axing PBS has been dogma on the Right for decades. Everybody in this glorious nation may be shocked at Miffed Romney’s mafia threat to Big Bird — looks like you got a real nice nest here, shame if anything happened to it — but Fox Business and […]

Speaking of public education and third world countries, guess where YOUR tax dollars are going? A) to public universities, which will give all Americans access to an affordable college education for the enrichment of all, B) to private, for-profit colleges universities, so Poors, seduced by pictures of cute girls studying in pajama bottoms can pay […]

One little bit of Al Green and now everybody expects the president to sing America’s blues and soul classics. Well, why not? Thomas Jefferson loved to sing, and so did Richard Nixon. Look at old Mick Jagger hand the microphone to the president, after the R&B legends all insist the president take a verse of […]

Hardass Mitt Romney is now the actual GOP frontrunner, so it’s finally time to get serious, take a real stand on some issues, go IN DEPTH instead of standing around waffling on the margins always looking no matter what he wears like a dork in a turtleneck clutching an asthma inhaler while waiting for the […]

Look, Jon Huntsman isn’t going to win anything, ever again. He is a dull half-smart technocrat who believes in the Wrong Jesus and Evolution and seems to think Kenyan golf star Barack Obama is legally the president of AmeriKKKa.

A group calling itself “LulzSec” hacked into the PBS website Sunday night and posted a comically written fake news story claiming that Tupac is alive in New Zealand. We miss Tupac, too! While kind of a good practical joke, the weird┬ástatement claiming responsibility for the attack does give us pause. Via Raw Story: Greetings, Internets. […]

When Juan Williams was fired for talking about being nervous around Muslims, Republicans apparently found an opening to defund public broadcasting, which should be used to inform America about Sharia law and to prop up Tucker Carlson’s career, not be a place for facts and such. To fight back, Democratic Reps. Ed Markey and Earl […]

Joe Biden loves Hosni Mubarak! He hasn’t actually chatted on the phone with Da Hoz for three whole days, but they’re super close, no “limited profile” friending for them, haha! And Mubarak is NOT a dictator. He’s president! It says so right before his name. Mubarak wins elections, too. He really wins. Let’s see Barack […]

Jim Lehrer is going to live FOREVER. Please, Internet, make an animated GIF of him shaking that iPhone.

PBS newsperson Gwen Ifill: all-around class act, or milquetoast cipher who “looks like a dentist”? Opinion is hotly divided here at your Wonkette. One thing we can all agree on: do not make her your go-to source on Richard Nixon resignation trivia.

PBS stations need tons of money these days, what with the present economic hardships and all, so Colorado’s KBDI affiliate rented out a long segment of its annual pledge drive to some 9/11 Truth group talkin’ ’bout “AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism.” The KBDI lady looks very uncomfortable! And later, on KBDI’s website, a “coincidental notice” […]

Aaron Brown was a kindly gent who hosted the CNN many moons ago. Every night Americans would drift off to sleep as he reviewed the morning papers with a dumb little rooster crowing in the background. And we all loved it because he was Aaron Brown, a very nice man, and then Anderson “Silver Fox” […]