paul revere

Sarah Palin and her supporters are doing many idiotic things today, so here we are posting about her again. Upon hearing that their illiterate leader revised American history to tailor Paul Revere’s ride to reflect her NRA-themed wet dream about scaring off British soldiers by hollering and waving guns, Mama Grizzly’s supporters’ first reaction was […]

Grifter queen Sarah Palin took to the Fox News airwaves to defend her “exactly the opposite of what actually happened” version of Paul Revere’s “Midnight Ride” and insisted that she wasn’t wrong on every possible fact of history. He had a horse! No, she did not say that. She admitted to Fox News Sunday host […]

Jabbering imbecile Sarah Palin and her rented tour bus continue to bring laughs to America. Here’s how she described Paul Revere’s famous 1775 secret horseback ride through the countryside where he quietly warned revolutionary conspirators of the British Army’s progress between Boston and Lexington, where they planned to arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock: “He […]