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If you’re a top-flight columnist, you get some perks in addition to a flattering photo next to your byline, like interns and assistants and stuff, people who can take care of the boring details that might get in the way of your creative genius. Or if you’re David Brooks, they take care of the boring […]

Professional Eddie Munster imitator Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan had to be feeling pretty pleased with himself yesterday, raining all over B. Barry Bamz’s football-spikin’ party with a new 10-year budget proposal. Ryan’s lil’ April Fool’s Day prank would slash domestic spending by nearly 30 percent by 2024 (BIFF!), bump up Pentagon spending WAY over […]

We have complex feels about Nate Silver’s new data driven context providing empire, 538. We like it better than Ezra Klein’s well-funded vanity project, but then Silver slatepitch hired a climate change skeptic. We’re tipping fast towards unlike, however, thanks to Silver’s latest column, which is an extended whine about how Paul Krugman unfriended him. […]

After nearly a week, the poutrage over that Coca-Cola ad in wrong languages hasn’t abated much. Jon Stewart wonders what the fuss was about — possibly the ad’s “dangerous levels of schmaltz”? No, it’s all that scary foreign talk in an ad with a bunch of brown people. How dare they desecrate our national anthem! […]

It was a Meltdown in Metropolis, a Rumble in the Concrete Jungle on Monday night when Charlie Rose hosted Paul Krugman and Joe Scarborough for a battle royale for the crown of World’s Greatest Economics Expert Guy! Who would win? Would it be the avuncular and learned Dr. Krugman, an Ivy League professor who holds […]

OK, the bad news is that so in order to watch Paul Krugman, you have to first endure Paul Ryan (R-Pissant) and his smarmy little mug, but don’t worry, the good news is he goes away pretty quickly! But then — and this is more bad news — he is replaced by another idiot (Morning […]

On Friday, Ben Bernanke delivered a speech at Jackson Hole, in which he either said something that was very good news, or alternatively, said something very disappointing and you should get used to eating cat food and stealing WiFi.  But which is it? Very good or very disappointing? And how screwed are we? So many […]

What is Paul Ryan’s biggest mistake, you might be wondering — and yes, we know! It’s hard to pick just one! But if, for some reason, we were going to try, would we pick Ryan’s sponsorship of a personhood amendment? Or maybe the Ryan Plan, which would turn Medicare into a voucher program? Or oh […]

If you went to high school in the past ten years, you may have seen an Ad Council poster hung somewhere that said you will make millions of more dollars over your lifetime if you earn a college degree than if you merely finish high school. Never mind that the same federal government that printed […]

LEAVE JOE LIEBERMAN ALONE!  4:32 pm December 21, 2009

by Jim Newell

There’s basically no national or ethnic group you can make fun of these days without being accused of racism, but a few are considered mildly less offensive than others. For example, you can always call Scots “stabby,” because they love to stab each other for sport, and Belgians are usually fair game, too, due to […]


by Jim Newell

EVERYONE CHUG THIS CUP OF SADNESS: Here’s a great and brilliant article from the new Atlantic about how the United States is a banana republic after years of terrible policies and stuff. It is probably too long for “blog readers” so just read a paragraph or two every night before sleep and someday you’ll finish! […]

SAD PUNDITS  8:56 pm February 17, 2009

by Jim Newell

KRUGMAN GIVES UP: Don’t worry, Paul Krugman! Once you accept the Hobo Jungle as an inevitability, you can start to plan your life there. And it’s still early. There are many spacious trash mounds left to stake out — some real steals. Get one near a sewer! You can fish for your own rats, which […]

Watch out, America, because David Brooks has written another one of his famous “theme” columns, in which he takes on a gimmick — like pretending to be Kierkegaard, or a doctor researching some new Obama disease, or a cartoon Asian Buddhist Negro being attacked by the Internet — and proceeds to embarrass himself for hundreds […]

All the libtards who watched Paul Krugman go cross-eyed with frustration on This Week yesterday as he tried to explain very simple economic terms and concepts to Sam Donaldson and Carly Fiorina may get a kick out of his column this morning. Clearly Paul just wandered off the set and in a fit of squirmy, […]