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In the closest thing to a “Super Tuesday” in this off-year election, a whole bunch of Tea Party candidates did worse than expected against “mainstream” Republicans who had better funding and who all sound like teabaggers now anyway. The biggest win of the night was less of a surprise now than it might have been […]

It is an election year, and if you have an appetite for wingnut stupid, you’re in luck, because the Republican Party offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. If you like your stupid Southern style, you are in extra special luck because it is super-sized in Georgia’s Republican primary Senate race. These folks have some big shoes to […]

In a House of Representatives where Michele Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee and Paul “Evolution is a Lie” Broun and climate change deniers Dana Rohrabacher and Lamar Smith are on the Science Committee, it only makes sense that another climate change denier on the committee, Arizona’s David Schweikert, would be named to head […]

Hello, Wonketeers! It’s time for another bizarre & disturbing Wonkette Sci-Blog. Get out your phones and come on in — we’re Drunk Dialing Congress! We were looking forward to devoting this week’s blog exclusively to the celebration of one of the year’s most anticipated holiday seasons: Cephalopod Awareness Days. However, as you all know we’re […]

Hey there, Wonketeers! It’s time once again for another appalling Wonkette Sci-Blog. Fire one up and come on in. Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to let the Stoned Kid drive. Many years ago a group of us were driving around wearing various aspects of an Illegal Smile (as was the fashion of the time). The […]

How is Congress wasting everyone’s time today, besides all of the usual ways? Oh, here’s a good one: “Congress pushes EPA on giant Pebble mine.” No, not giant pebbles, which are just normal-sided rocks, after all; they mean the proposed Pebble mine, in Alaska, which is going to be a fucking disaster! This is a […]

Hello, have you met the Republican wingnuts on the House Science Committee? They include: Paul Broun, who has told supporters that evolution and the big bang theory “are lies straight from the pit of hell,”  and Dana Rorhabacher, who once suggested that temperature fluctuations on earth millions of years ago can be traced to dinosaur flatulence. There is also […]

Do you cower in fear at the beginning of every April, with that fear intensifying until the middle of the month, when you have a nervous breakdown and open that Y2K bunker you stupidly built but now only use once a year? Because as we all know, the middle of the April is when the […]

Speaking of the resurrection of hateful twats, did you guys hear that Bob Barr wants to return to Congress? America had a very close call last year with the state of Georgia, when human-shaped fluffernutter Newt Gingrich came within a couple of thousand delegates of being the GOP’s nominee for president instead of whatshisname, the […]

Hey, US Senate! Anything important going on in the country, that you might want to put your grindstone-noses and beautiful minds to, for the people what you represent? Oh, you are very very busy touring each other’s offices, to see if you want to claim seniority and steal those offices like they are a game […]

The wait is over! After weeks of breathless anticipation (and one titillating Twitter rumor), Georgia Rep. Paul Broun has announced he is running for United States Senate, after an illustrious, storied career in the House that has lasted all of five years, and a chunk of a sixth. While everybody else is focusing on which […]

Georgia Rep. Paul Broun allowed a torrent of raw stupid to tumble out of his mouth again this week, so let’s look at what this paragon of Americanism said this time. On Tuesday, Broun told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution “I think my role is to uphold support and defend our Constitution…The Constitution I uphold and defend […]

Do you know who is very smart? Tea Party congresspeople. Here are some of them moving their lips, with syllables and words coming out to form sentences, about the “fiscal cliff” or whatever, who cares, boring: “If he [Boehner] caves [on fiscal cliff negotiations], he’s going to have to get it passed with a lot […]

It occurred to us that we have not followed up on some very important electoral news: Namely, the fate of several candidates who nobody had ever heard of until they briefly shone in the “weird news” column, and then disappeared from view. What happened to those wackos with all their wackiness? Let it never be […]

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Gethsemane) is in a pretty safe district, being that Georgia’s 10th is about as far-right and uber-religious as they come. Broun is the one, you recall, who is a medical doctor who does not believe in medicine, who runs around yelling things like — and we are not making this quote up […]