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The New Horrible Thing Liberals Are Responsible For: Some Bomber Dude

This special Memorial Day evening post comes courtesy of Wonkette Operative Doktor StrangeZoom. That’s right: Doktor StrangeZoom has saved Memorial Day! Just when you had finally figured out who the hell Saul Alinsky was, the right-wing blogosphere has found a brand new boogeyman to be terrified of: Brett Kimberlin, a convicted bomber, maybe murderer, and head of a liberal organization that no one’s ever heard of, the Justice Through Music Project, which has received funding from the Tides Foundation (George Soros!) and Barbra Streisand (Yentl!). Apparently, in addition to saving the world through music and lying about having sold pot to Dan Quayle, Kimberlin’s other hobby is destroying Free Speech by suing, harassing, stalking, and maybe trying to kill right-wing bloggers, at least according to several right-wing bloggers, who decided that last Friday would be “Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day,” so that the entire right-wing blogosphere could have a collective freakout about how the Left is threatening America yet again. As part of the festivities, Glenn Beck’s Serious News Operation The Blaze contributed a sober, carefully sourced exposé titled MEET SOROS-FUNDED DOMESTIC TERRORIST BRETT KIMBERLIN WHOSE ‘JOB’ IS TERRORIZING BLOGGERS INTO SILENCE. Read more on The New Horrible Thing Liberals Are Responsible For: Some Bomber Dude…
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James O’Keefe Might Possibly Have a Problem With Women

The fine people at Mediaite have an excellent ‘splainer braiding together the threads of onetime James O’Keefe comrade Nadia Naffe, her harassment complaint against him, the “night in the barn,” her upcoming tell-all, and other assorted completely unhilarious doings. They are better men than your editrix, who can barely read Naffe’s original harassment complaint without a long pull of Pepto and a Silkwood shower. Read more on James O’Keefe Might Possibly Have a Problem With Women…