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How To Be The Absolute Worst, by Pat Buchanan It’s easy to be terrible, but to be the absolute worst — that takes effort. So let me, Pat Buchanan, show you how it’s done. Step 1: take a really important issue that makes people emotional, and make up a disgraceful lie about it, like so: […]

Oh, Pat Buchanan, you must be having a fine old time with this Syria thing. There’s a crisis in the Middle East, so let’s see if we can possibly look behind the curtain and see who’s REALLY driving the agenda, because of course it can’t simply be the Obama Administration scrambling to come up with […]

Amoebic dysentery vector Laura Ingraham celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom yesterday by chatting with Pat Buchanan about black-on-white crime, fretting that liberals were stealing the legacy of Martin Luther King, and cutting off a recording of a speech by civil rights hero John Lewis with the sound […]

Are you mad at Russia for doing this whole “arrest anybody who might like gay people” thing? Well then Pat Buchanan is mad at you. Probably. We can’t really tell, but he wrote some kind of opinion piece about it where he’s mad at Jay Leno for saying Russian “homosexual propaganda” laws sounded like Hitler-talk, […]

It is with heavy heart yr Wonkette pens this post. Yes, the time is nigh, Wonkfriends. We’ve been so sure the end times were approaching, and now they are here. Today, the world as we know it ends with the most pathetic whimper ever, wherein yr Wonkette is forced to agree with Pat Buchanan:

Watergate warrior Chuck Colson died. He was 80 years old. Colson was most famous for going above and beyond the law for disgraced President Richard “Dick” Nixon, thus becoming one of America’s first humiliated and imprisoned American heroes. (He served less than a year in prison for his role in “Watergate,” which was a political […]

Oh, look, jocular bigot Pat Buchanan is using the 16 hours a day he used to spend shouting about the white man’s burden on MSNBC to call in to Washington Journal, a group therapy program televised by C-SPAN. Taking the break-up a bit hard, aren’t you, Pat? Hahah– Wait, what? He’s actually an invited guest? […]

Crusted-over boil Pat Buchanan will no longer be fomenting all-out race war at MSNBC, he is sad to announce. In his latest syndicated column (HOW MANY MEDIA DID THIS PIECE OF OFFAL NEED?) which is, of course, hilariously titled “The New Blacklist,” Buchanan revealed he is finally leaving the network after ten productive and bigotry-filled […]

WorldNetDaily has a sense of energy about it these days, fueled by the discerning public’s new appreciation for the art that is birtherism. “Compare the Flex Belt & Contour Belt – 2 leading ab belts,” its front page proclaims, educating the abless on exciting innovations made in 2003. Yesterday, it announced that stuffy American scholar […]

Hey you guys, Pat Buchanan has heard about an interesting new science called “eugenics.” In fact, you could even say he is an expert race scientist! He was able to become so smart because he has one of the two good types of brains (white or Chinese) and thus can provide us with valuable insights. […]

Here’s Pat Buchanan talking about former House Speaker “Nude” Gingrich on this never-ending mosque bullshit non-issue. And he’s actually very right! Wow, there you go. A nice summary of the breadth of contemporary Republican political tactics. Looks like some pundits are more capable than a grilled cheese sandwich, even when they’re just residue somebody scraped […]

How much do you like American Cable News? Not at all? Well, you’re probably not even very American. Because part of being born on the Fourth of July — as all of us were, unless we were slaves or women or whatever — is loving television. It’s right there under that ink blot or cum […]

Actual overt anti-Semitic racist (and lesbian) Pat Buchanan, a featured pundit on a major news network, has written an awesome column today offering, among other things, his old-timey prejudiced take on that strange, recurring question that those of us who don’t believe in any of the major 1,000-3,000(?)-year-old desert ghost-man mythologies will never understand: what’s […]

This is a pretty informative montage of cable-news journalism that TPM has put together. Sure, we’ve known for 40+ years that Pat Buchanan was a lesbian, after he let it slip mid-sentence in one of those “Southern Strategy” memos. But Joe Scarborough? Didn’t know Joe Scarborough was a lesbian. CORRECTION: We knew Joe Scarborough was […]

Every now and then Pat Buchanan wakes up and decides to defend Hitler. Like Actual Hitler not just Synonym Hitler (Barack Obama).  Today is just such a day! Well, this new column is tied to the the extremely important and memorable 70th anniversary of Britain declaring its official involvement in WWII. (By the way if […]