Hey, when we’re wrong, we’re wrong. And so it is that for the past 20 years (we were a VERY early adopter), when we asserted that gay marriage was awesome and anybody who had a problem with it was an unreconstructed bigot, and when we laughed — LAUGHED — at those who claimed gay marriage […]

Rev. Bryant Badger, 75, a retired pastor in Casper, Wyoming, was arrested near a park Sunday and charged with public indecency after trying to have sex in an SUV with an undercover cop. The sting operation was prompted when a high school coach found “multiple obscene notes” in a portable toilet at a local park […]

Well here’s a scenario for your horror movie screenplay: an associate pastor at a church in Norwalk, California, has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting over 20 women, telling them that he had to do sex things to them as part of his very special faith healing process. Legitimate practitioners of faith healing were […]

Wouldn’t you know it — a Tennessee church has gone and thrown a big steaming pile of Godnastiness all over our nice-time story from a couple weeks back. As you may recall, the Chattanooga suburb of Collegedale became the first city in Tennessee to offer equal benefits to same-sex spouses of its municipal employees, and […]

A Texas pastor has been arrested on charges of “attempted sexual performance of a child” after trying to coerce an underaged girl to take off her clothes and show him some “eye candy.” Jeffrey Dale Williams, a senior pastor at the Church of Corinth, was arrested after the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services […]

Hide the children, cover your ears, and run for the hills, because this is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened. TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!!!!! for President Obama doing something even worse than winning the presidency — twice! President Obama attended an Easter service with his family today at St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White […]

So there’s this Maryland referendum coming up for a vote on November 6, see, and it’s about letting gay people marry each other. You know, so they can get those sweet tax deductions, and visit each other in the hospital, and share health insurance, and commit publicly to the one they love — all that […]

Hey, maybe Jeremiah Wright wants Barack Obama to be president after all! Following EXPLOSIVE reports that he was going to publish a picture book in October featuring Barack Obama getting AIDS from the Muslim prophet Mohammad, Reverend Wright’s daughter now says that he has absolutely no plans to write a book any time soon. She […]